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Murcielago enhancements

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by XJ220S, May 21, 2004.

  1. Here's a few pictures of my Murcielago that I hope you'll find interesting. I have the see through bonnet with engine valve covers painted red. Red ceramic brembo brakes compliment the engine shade as well. As much as I believe the 18" wheels function well for Murcielago, I believe they are very unbecoming of such a masterpiece. I have 19 front and 20 rear HRE wheels with 345 tires in the back. I have lowered the car .5 inches as any more than that starts effecting the ride quality. Surprisingly the bigger wheels have not effected this ride quality, however I noticed a significant increase in handling with the lowering. I have a stage II exhaust system which produces a throaty deep base V12 sound. I have also gotten rid of all the funky, cheap plastic vent covers all around and replaced them with stainless steel mesh. I am currently doing the same modification on my 94 Purple anniversary Diablo 30 SE. The black accent look is not modern anymore.

    I will post pictures of my SE as I am changing the interior currently. The complete interior is being changed to the prototype SE royal blue alcantara interior. It will be the only such SE in the US. However my Diablo has a Borla exhaust. I did not like the tone of Borla for Murcielago. It was too high pitched and annoying. The quad pipes did not enhance the esthetics either. But for Diablo, as the SE is my most favorite of all Diablos that I've owned, will be a crime to be driven without Borla.

    Don't you guys love how Lambos can get away with such daring designs and colors!
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  3. Paris Hilton in here lambo.... Nice. Im so in love with the wheels.
  4. Both those Murcielagos look STUNNING!!!!! WOW!
  5. I want a high resolution picture of that second one!
  6. And I was told no red brake calipers could be ordered. OEM?
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  8. It is the same Murcielago. This picture was taken right before I bought the car.
  9. Whats all this talk i hear about the tire diameters having to be exact since the car is awd? Im sure the 19" fronts are way off from stock specs, did you have any abs problems? or miscalculation on the speedo?

    BTW the car looks great, not sure why it looks better now, ive seen pics of it before and wanst too impressed..maybe its the red calipers.
  10. Great looking car! I love the rims, red calipers,stainless steel mesh, the glass rear deck etc. where do I stop. Keep us posted on the continued customization.
  11. As long as the tire is resized,and the total diameter is as it originally was,its ok.There is an entire thread on this recently.It WILL do damage to the awd if correct measurements arent followed.
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  13. For a minute there, I thought you had very expensive taste in accessories! :D

    Was the car titled in her name? Or was it a friend of hers'?
  14. Since I went thru the dilema, I'll be glad to talk to anybody and give an engineering answer.
  15. Ah. ok. The pic with Paris makes the car look a lot golder. Damn sweet car though.

    Any chance of full sized pics? I can host them if you want to email me via my profile i'll send you the details.

    One of the best Murcielagos i've ever seen... and i've seen quite a few :)
  16. That is the best pic of Paris I have ever seen.
  17. I was thinking that same thing!!
  18. I had all those modifications planned already, however I was lucky to come across this particular car. For example I believe Murcielago looks better with mirrors and front lights lower covers painted body color. My choice for wheels were either these particular rims or Kinesis K19 series. I have those on my XJ220S cars. I changed the original black exhaust cover to one made with carbon fiber. I also could not stand those plastic intake and vent covers. Mesh was the way to go.

    I replaced the vents on my Porsche turbo and Diablo with mesh as well. It looks more modern and racier. I will post pictures of the SE as soon as the interior change is finished next week.

    I don't know if you guys agree, but Marcello Gandini's design of the Diablo was much more of a "WOW" than Murcielago was. I could live with what Diablo had to offer when it was first introduced, but Murcielago seemed incomplete and needed some modifications. But no matter which way you look at it, once I got my first Lambo, everything else seemed like a distant second.

    Despite the myths of Lambo maintenance affordability and mechanical headaches, I've never had any unusual troubles in the past 10 years of ownership, and I've already had 5 Lambos. You must take care of the car, treat it with respect yet drive it the way it was supposed to be driven and the car will be very kind to you.

    Oh a great mechanic wouldn't hurt either!
  19. Oh, in my previous comment I meant Paris Hilton as a "fashion accessory" or arm candy. Was it really her car or someone she knew?

    However, I like what's been done to your Murci, especially the mesh and the mirrors.

    Welcome to Ferrarichat, and its Lamborghinichat forum! Do you have any XJ220 pics to share? That was my favorite car when I was in my early teen years, before the Ferrari bug bit again.
  20. Lol those pictures I uploaded I got from the canada spotters thread I dont know if there is any larger pictures avalible. Those wheels and calipers look absolutly incredible.
  21. XJ220S,
    What are some of the trouble areas of the SE 30 that you have encountered? I am seriously thinking about purchasing the same model year in the same color (the Porsche has to go!) . Also, who is doing the interior refabrication? Where are they sourcing the blue alcantra? Why were no US spec Lamborghinis imported with alcantra interiors?

    Best Regards
  22. Those pics of Paris are from a music video ... some hip-hop BS stuff ...

    It's funny that I find her more attractive with less make-up on ... LOL
  23. Could you post some interior pics of the murci with the vent covers?
  24. For some reason those ones with Paris Hilton look fake.

    Aweasome car though.
  25. I have not had any unusual troubles. There were only 10 purples imported to the US. There is one for sale in Hawaii, but I believe the right door has been painted. You've got to find out why! All of my Diablos have been serviced By Franco in Van Nuys California. One of the nicest, most honest and experienced machanics I have ever encountered. He took care of my 91, 92 Diablos for 7 years, as well as my 98 roadster. I highly recommend him. He's the one who introduced me to the Borla on Diablo. If interested his number is (818)-994-5656. He is Lamborghini factory certified.

    Porsche is being offered for sale. I drove the Maserati F1 today, wow what a surprise. An excellent performer. I am looking to replace the Porsche with a Maserati as an everyday driver.

    The interior modifications and some of the exterior enhancements on my cars are being performed by the Speed Gallery in Sherman Oaks. Their number is (818)-766-2321. Ask for Alan or Dan. These group of guys are total car nuts. They truly enjoy what they do.

    I don't know why US cars were not imported with the alcantara interior, but it surely is a shame. However the storage compartment behind the driver's seat had the blue alcantara lining which I used as a sample for exact shade matching. I'm thinking that perhaps DOT regulations could've been a reason for not allowing alcantara in 94.

    94 Diablo SE was the true SE. It wasn't just some funky color experiment. The 94 SE was truly a prototype vehicle from which many body panels were used on future Diablos. The 30 SE Diablo is the lightest Diablo ever produced. It is 100 pounds lighter than the Diablo GT and is considered the older brother of the GT. It drives very differently than other Diablos that I've had.
  26. Thanks for the quick reply! The Porsche I refered to in my previous post was my 2004 Porsche Cayenne S. I am currently looking for a buyer so I can upgrade to a SE 30.

    The SE 30 in Hawaii is said to have been in a vandalism and all parts were replaced. If U have any other info on this car, please do not hesitate 2 email me @

    Did U research putting a Tubi or Larini on the Diablo B4 U decided 2 put the Borla on?
  27. Yes, tubi sounds better on Ferraris. It doesn't sound as deep and throaty on the Diablo as Borla does. Borla seriously enhances performance on Diablos too. The sound of few Diablos equipped with Borlas going under a freeway overpass is another form of an Italian concert.

    As far as the SE in Hawaii, it's been there for a long time. It's a small world when it comes to the 25 SEs available in the US and a story car will definitely be tagged. There are a few Red ones around. There is one in Lamborghini of Dallas (if still available) and there is another one available at Al Burtoni's, which has been there for over year.
  28. Ralfabco here just bought that red SE a few weeks ago, if I'm not mistaken.

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