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Murcielago E-gear

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by DouglasNg, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. hello, just wanting to get your opinions on the new Murcielago E-gear. What do ou think of it? Is the shifting jerky? HOw fast are the gear shifts and how many seconds were struck off the present specifications (manual) of the Murcielago?
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  3. I have a manual Murcie on order here in the UK but drove the e gear before making a decision. I loved the blipping of the throttle on every downshift and the shift itself was flawless,could not fault it. Having said that I went for the stickshift as the change was so smooth unlike the Gallardo manual which was'nt quite as slick. Here in the UK the Gallardo e gears are outselling manuals but the Murcis are currently selling higher in manual.
  4. I'm not really a fan of F1, E-Gear, or SMG. In such a powerful machine, i would prefer to shift manually. Although the shifts are buttery smooth and gun-trigger like, its just not for some people, me included. I just think these gearbox's are for lazy people, not people who want to "shift like an F1 driver". Dont get me wrong, i'm not knocking anyone with E-Gear, F1, or SMG...i just personally dont like it.
  5. I hated the F1 in my 360 Spider having had a manual Modena that was my preference. On the Murci I absolutley love the e-gear; smooth, fast, and those Blips....
  6. E-Gear on the Murci is like "butter" for certain. I was not as impressed with it on the Gallardo but on the Murci it just seems to sync much better. Don't know why, it just as and I accept it to be that way. I think you would love it, but the 6 speed on the Murci is fantastic also and the only way that I would personally have it, I think?

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  8. I've read that the Murci's MM-derived unit is the exact unit in the 575M, while the Gallardo's MM unit is based on the standard (non 360CS) 360 F1 box.

    Everything I've seen has the 575M's unit being much smoother while being just as quick as the base 360's F1. It's not surprising that in the Murci the e-Gear system absolute shines.
  9. Don't know if "it is based on 360 F1"? I do know that EVEN BEFORE they upgraded the computers it was MUCH better.
  10. Spoken like a true car salesman!
  11. Wayne, didnt you have your car updated with the newest E-gear software? Is it comparable now to a Murcie E-gear?
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