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Murcielago brake pads - who makes them??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by simon355, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Just been quoted £1600 ($3000) for a new set of front and rear pads from Lamborghini UK on my 13000 mile Murcie. I know the pads are made by Pagid (so they tell me) but does anyone know which type or any other pads which will fit?? Very grateful for your help.
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  3. I hope you're out of warranty !

    Try Circuit Supplies in Leighton Buzzard - Ferodo importer 01525385888
  4. Erm no, Murcie's only 8 months old. Anyway, I tried them, very helpful. I'm going to fax a drawing through to them of the pads, so they can identify them. Thanks a lot
  5. Simon,

    Give Mike Pullen a call on 01444 455100 and he may be able to help-tell him Peter with the Yellow TR gave you his details...

  6. Peter, thanks i'll try Mike tomorrow too. The pads are defo used on other cars - i'll find out eventually!
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  8. Hi Simon,

    You found out about these ? Think I'll need some new ones soon myself!
  9. Yea after a lot of detective work i've tracked down which brakepads are used on the Murcielago. Had to fax a tracing of the pad off to a couple of racing brake specialists but they are made by Pagid code no RS4 - 2 serial no U2444. (Same pads front and rear).They are a bigger version of the pads fitted to the Subaru ST1! Also fitted to a couple of Maser's and Ferrari's. Have'nt got the company's phone no which can supply them to hand but the whole set for a car will cost about £300. The only difference is that the y don't come with a wear indicator lead. Still, its a bit cheaper than £1600!

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