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Murcielago barchetta on the road pics!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Lukas, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. more pics hope you like them!
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  3. Of course. A play on words. Double entendre. They ain't so stupid.
  4. Nope ;). Although the Verde Artemis on the 40th Anniversary cars might go under the "Occasional Lapses in Judgement" category.
  5. LMAO!! Unless they hired a color prognosticator, who told them that color will be "hot"
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  8. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that Bat!! I need to get on a list or something. It will be "HOT".
  9. I was thinking that too. The doors must have been strengthened to, as they must be taking/preventing a lot more lateral flex without the roof

    With the doors open you can see how exposed the car looks

    At a guess it must be looking at 100-200Kg heavier than Murci, right?
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  11. looks like all the rap stars are gonna have a new car I think it gross!!!!11
  12. WOW! im very amazed how good this car looks outside. the pictures of the display at the auto shows it didnt look so great, but im very impressed now!
  13. I like the car. I am not trying to offend anyone. - I never cared for the Diablo roadster. I like the Murcielago roadster. I have an original new Murcielago roadster brochure. That is a start in the proper direction to ownership !!!

    Eat your heart out Kurt. I will not sell the brochure.
  14. A few more pics.
  15. oh my.... what did they do?

    and how did they do it so right? gorgeous!
  16. I'll have to get 1 in a few years :) maybe Azzuro blue with a white interior , YEAH BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I'd have to aggree, they completley ruin the lines of the car
  18. i think its perfect....a lambo shouldnt be all smooth and nice...air vents like that is what lambo is all about....i love it!

  19. There was also a profit motive: the extra bracing right over the engine will add 2 hours labor to every service...
  20. First. The air vents looks absolutely perfect. That car is just shouting at you. I love it.

    Second. Where did you get these pictures?????????????????????????????? I need the full size versions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!
  21. I agree about the vents Julien, its a Lambo!! It better be shouting!
  22. I owned 91, 92 Diablos. Then I bought a 98 roadster. I was very dissappointed with the laziness, heaviness and the effort that it took to get the car going. With the top up, it rattled like crazy. It looks great with the massive air vents. I believe both the Murci and Diablo topless have a tendency to exaggerate the rear air intakes. Although they are bigger and more square on the Diablo roadster. By seeing the amount of bracing that's been added, I can only think how heavy the barchetta could be. Let alone that it does not have a proper top. Lambos are meant to be driven and I believe with the barchetta this pleasure will be very limited.

    However I believe Lambo designed the best looking wheels or at least as good looking as the 6.0 wheels. I am sure many Murci owners will upgrade to these wheels.
  23. Agreed 100%. I told Utkarsh not to paint his Murci wheels black but to wait a few months for the Roadster wheels to hit the market.
  24. My GOD - that car looks unbelievable.........
    I can't think of anything that looks cooler and would deliver more excitement. The idea of tearing up the roads with the roof off with a nutty exhaust on a car that I already love is just too much.
    The thing is - in the UK I would get to use it about 3 days a year with that roof. Can someone post pictures of the car with the roof on PLEASE. Does anyone have further information on the roof??? I hope it's not another one of those 550 Barchetta-esque max 70mph ones. What's worse is that the 550 Barchetta's roof leaks..... BADLY at that. If the roof is a proper job... who knows..... it's time to start saving the pennies?

    Hey JohnW - hope you're OK mate - have you bought a murcie yet????

    PS. Anyone got pricing/delivery information??
  25. You need to keep it here in Souhtern California . I'll keep it for you and you can drive it anytime you want in the sunshine!
  26. sorry man but the murcie looks awfull imo with roof...if you live in enlgand just dont bother man! heres some pics for you

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