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Murcielago barchetta on the road pics!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Lukas, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. wowow this is the ultimate cab...
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  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. yes...not much more you can say!!! if i ever get a cab here in sweden that will be the one!
  5. wow nice. They really added a lot of structural bracing around and over the engine to.
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  7. WOW
    I need one!

  8. With the air vent open , it looks awful.
  9. With the air vents open, it looks incredible!!
  10. I don't like the black part behind the windows. I'm sure on a black car it would look fine, but here there's just too much contrast. It looks like something is missing. Could anyone ps that part to body colour, just out of curiosity?
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  12. I would have to agree ... with the vents up it looks like an ugly batmobile but then again your going at high speeds so who cares ... once your slow enough to be sexy they go back down and the sleek lines come back ....
  13. Here is a rough photoshop that I did for prancing 12 (I'm still new a PS).
  14. with the air vents open, it really looks ugly. As if its a bat attempting to fly. I'm a huge supporter of the Barchetta, but only in a parking lot or dealer showroom. The Murcielago looks a million times better!!

  15. You have that backwards. At high speeds the car generates enough air into the ducts while lowered. If the car is running warmer and needs more air it usually should be at slow, low speeds or running at idle when no air is being forced in. So when going higher speeds the ducts should be lowered. Apparently in a couple of these pics not enough air is being forced into the ducts so he must not be doing a constant speed to keep the air forcing in.
  16. Sweeet, I want one :)
  17. One of the best parts of the Murcielago is the opening of the vents. That means the Bull is working hard enough to need more cool air!!
  18. Exactly. Lambos are about getting air in the engine, through radical vents. Thats one of the things that Lambo enthusiasts love about the cars. The radical nature of the beast. Owners/ true enthusiasts would find the air induction system a work of art on the Murci, particularly when its open. Its a cornerstone of the overall styling of the car. Yes, they smoothed the lines on the Murci compared to the Countach and Diablo, but they also want to make sure the car carries forward the nature of 12 cyl. Lambos.
  19. I agree. Breaks up the flowing lines. Looks like it's trying to fly.
  20. Thanks, that does look better. Unfortunately, it won't really be...
  21. Amazing!

    Im still doubtful about the choice of top, but hell, its a fair-weather car anyway.
    Those scoops remind me of something...the Countach is back.
  22. I'd like it in black...wouldn't seem so busy.

    Overall, very nice!

  23. OMG, thats awesome
  24. Thats the point. Murcielago = bat. Funny how they came up with the name.

    English Word Spanish Word

    bat (animal) murciélago m.
  25. Knowing Lambo I would guess Murcielago was also the name of a famous Spanish fighting Bull
  26. It was a bull in Spain.
  27. Even though it was a bull, the resemblance remains...

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