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Murcielago 4 Sale

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by dmii74, Jan 25, 2004.

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  2. perfect ad for the gangsta dealer..
  3. Yes, but doesnt it look like a good deal if the car is thoroughly checked out B4 purchase? Does anyone have any experience with the purchase of salvage vehicles? Allanlambo?
  4. no , hell no , run away. salvage vehicles in general i have no problem with but this one has a " known" bad history. if allanlambo says no, i would heed that as a good indication of not to mess with it.
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  6. General Ferrari Discussion is for Ferrari's. This is either off-topic or Other Italian
  7. I dont have any experience with purchasing them, but i do know that most dealers will not even take a salvage titled car in on trade. I good guide to the worth of a salvage title car is half of what rough black book indicates.
  8. Thanks. Still think it would B hard 2 go wrong if it was checked out and purchased 4 $160,000
  9. Sounds like a great deal to me! Seriously, id take a look at it at $100,000.
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  11. If you win bid over reserve of $162,000.00 then it is yours.

    Lol, $162k for a salvaged murc.....for $60 k more you could have a clean title Murc.

    About 4 months ago, a family friend of mine was selling their 2003 Murc. with 3250 miles, they were getting a Bentley Conti GT (he's an older gentlemen, so the Lambo was too much car for him.) He said the dealers offered him $210k for the car, so he would sell it to me for the same if I wanted it. However i'm not yet in the market for a Murc., but if you can get a clean Murc. for $210k, i dunno why you would pay $162 for a salvage one ,that is only a 25% discount for the salvage title, when I think it should be at least 40-50% off.

    Also the seller of that ebay car must be lying, they claim it was salvaged for $30k worth of damage, NO insurance company would write off a $280k car for only $30k, usually it takes at least 65-75% of the car's value before they would be willing to totally write it off.
  12. Why purchase a Murcielago with issues for 160K, when you can purchase
    a cherry one-owner Diablo with documentation for less ?
  13. Really, the only Diablo that can keep up with a Murc would be a GT, and the cheapest ive found was $360,000.
  14. Sv can run with the Murci, so can the 6.0 .
  15. Oh. I did not know that. Maybe I should consider looking for a 6.0. Any suggestions.
  16. Actully allan, ive almost paid for mine, I bought it off my step dad. Are there any spoiler for the Murci? Any body kits?
  17. I'd run and never look back at any exotic with a salvage title...I have seen a yellow Murcie with a wing and the car looked odd to me.
  18. Oh, I might put a wing my cousin made on mine. It looks stock and when the stock spoiler comes up it doesnt look all funky. If you see a green Murci in the Houston area with an aluminum wing, its me baby.
  19. There seem to be tons of Lambos down there, I see several Diablos for sale everywhere and a few are from there. Which dealership is down there?
  20. I didnt buy mine in Houston, thats where she resides. It was delivered from San Francisco to Post Oak Motor Cars. Post Oak has a lot of exotics, or at least a lot of Ferraris. Is a Bentley/Rolls dealership.

  21. I rebuild totals and resell them. I usually get whatever the loan value is for the car. I specialize in Avengers and Sebrings and Explorers and those are not a ploblem to sell because the people buy them to drive and realize that after 5 years they will not be worth much regardless of title status. I do think that it is very different situation for an exotic. It all depends on who fixes it and how it is done. I have seen a lot of scarey repairs. A poor fix could make it just a parts car. I would guess that it would be worth whatever it could be parted out for and the fun you would have driving it in the meantime. The salvage or actually "rebuilt title" isn't as big a deal as the quality of the repair, at least from my viewpoint.

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