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Murcielago 2 Wheel Drive

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. I just found out that one may special order the current Murcielago in 2 wheel drive. My mouth is watering thinking about those 400+/- lbs missing (minus $10k+/- in sticker price) and a more tossable car in the corners. That is one of very few negative comments I would have about my 6.0 VT (not playful enough). But then again I live in Indiana and need the all wheel drive for the snow and ice we have (BTW I don't drive either the Diablo or Ferrari if it is raining within 200 miles of Indy). Does anybody have a first hand experience with this special ordered model??
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  3. Hi Dave,
    This is the first I have heard about the factory making a 2WD Murci. I know that you can remove some of the drivetrain on a 6.0 and a Murci to save weight and make it 2WD, but I don't think Lamborghini would do this themselves, as it would likely interfere with some of the drive sensors. If you have more details, I would love to know how this can be done. Hope all is well with the 6.0. I have the red Murci back as a used car now if you are interested. Take care!
  4. I have never heard of this...except for the race cars....I'll check with Lamborghini and find out


  5. Michael- Believe me I know that you have my CAR. I've been in deep thought about it. My house is underway with another 10-12 months to go. I designed the garages(6) and helped my wife with the rest of the unimportant parts. I'll post pictures of the construction progress when I get home. I'm on vacation at my condo in Florida and stopped by Orlando Lamborghini and had Kurt Osterman educate me on the 2 wheel version.
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  8. guy in texas w/ the Mclaren F1 and enzo, has one, dont know how or who did it... i think it was a custom job
  9. I saw a 2wd Murci for sale in the dPR about 2 months ago..

    I thought it was prob a missprint or a custom job. If someone can confirm this that would be great.
  10. I saw that Koby Bryant had Lambo make a special automatic transmition for his wife's Murci on "the fablous life of" . You probably could get 2wd if you paid enough $. I would customize my Roadster to have 2wd, a wing and allegator skin seats if i could afford one lol.
  11. It's easy to convert any VT or Murcielago into 2WD. I just had it done on my Orange 6.0.

    - Remove Driveshaft
    - Remove Halfshafts

    Done! Instant 2WD, saving about 70lbs-->100lbs or so. It doesn't interfere with any sensors nor computer operations at all, just makes it 2WD.

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  13. Ben- gotta be more than 100 lbs doesnt it? I bet its at least 200...has to be..all that weight?
  14. I believe kobe's murci was customized by west cosat customs. It was tastefully done and that was surprising. He replaced the rear engine cover with a plexiglass one which now shows the engine and the stick is really unique. At the tip of the stick there is a heat censor that sences when a hand is on the stick and when done so, it englages the clutch and allows a clutchless shift ala paddle shift except it is done by the 6 speed.

  15. Platinum Motorsports did it...for like $100,000. What a waste!
  16. I heard of that as well, from what I understand he didn't like the way the car steered with the AWD system. Check with Audiguy, he knows more about him than I do.
  17. 200lbs is certainly more than it removed in weight. I would say 100lbs is a nice number to say, but that may even be high. I can pick up all the parts with both my hands and hold them for a while. I'm not a strong guy. :)

  18. so then why are lambos so heavy lol...ben, as an owner u need to start a petition for the big cars to go to an aluminum chassis!
  19. I do know of 1 2wd mercy.

    It is owned by a west texas man who is a real honest to goodness eccentric who (along with his mechanic who is lambo/ferrari/mclaren/and everything else certified) did the work himself. The reason for the qualifications is he also owns an Enzo, Mercy, Mc F1 among his many many cars.

    I have seen and been in the 2wd and it is really different but you would never know it from the outside or even if it is up on a rack you gotta look for it. Noticeable that it is 2wd but it looks factory.

    What color was the "For Sale" one?
  20. Lambos are heavy for a reason -- Lots of power weighs a lot? <G>
  21. My guess...

    If you completely removed the AWD system, you would probably save more than 100lbs. However, just removing the drive-shafts (and not the differential and other associated AWD components) only saves the weight of drive shafts & half shafts, which are made to be light since they are rotating mass. To remove everything would be a bigger operation and probably not worth the effort, especially since leaving all those parts makes it easier to convert back to AWD if you decide to sell the car.
  22. And the winner is.............McLaren boy.

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