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Murcielago 04 vs. 05

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Does anybody have any changes made in the two model years? For that matter any significant changes since inception.
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  3. ashtray holder on 05 doesnt pop open!;) i think thats it....
  4. 05 is the only year with any changes (that I am aware of).

    Here are some of the changes (could be more that I am not familiar with):

    1) 8-piston front brakes (4-piston on previous model)
    2) Larger diameter rotors, front & rear
    3) New power brake assist for better feel & less pedal effort
    4) Adaptive suspension set-up, similar to Gallardo
    5) Roadster wheels
    6) Option for bi-color cockpit (driver can be different than passenger)
    7) Perforated leather trim in interior
  5. Question about the wheels...

    I saw on the Lamborghini Media site that they have the Roaster wheels on the hard-top Murcie for '05, I was wondering - does anyone know if they are now the standard wheels, or optional wheels (if optional, is there a cost increase, and how much - if any)
  6. Standard.
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  8. Sta.....ah, Ghost beat me to it.

    Clax nailed it. As far as earlier cars, I've heard/read that there were minor changes incorporated over the early years that addressed issues such as vibration isolation and electrical systems.
  9. The 05 also has a new windshield wiper set up as it tended to lift off after 90mph..
  10. I didn't know these cars were supposed to be driven in the rain.

  11. I don't know much about suspensions. What does ''Adaptive suspension set-up'' means and what it does in practice? Please somebody.
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  13. It didn't lift up on speeds more than double that on my 04 Murcie..
  14. You can buy the wheels cheaper from a dealer than the used ones on eBay.........

  15. You hit 180 in the rain!? You must have a lot of faith in the AWD system!
  16. No, but I tested the wiper at that :D
  17. These cars have AWD so you could also drive them in the snow lol.
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    My Murcie has done 19000 miles of yesterday and was new in Sept last year. Its been in the snow on ice, rain you name it. The windscreen wiper did lift off on mine over 90mph. Its done 192mph on a runway. I even had an email in poor English 2 weeks ago from the factory asking for a full list of problems I've had and opinions on this and that.
    Its a fab fab car and I love it. The gearbox is a joy, the Lambo techs say its the fastest Murcie they have driven. Its smooth and powerful and has never let me down. Yea theres been the odd electrical problem, but this a supercar thats done company car mileage!
    Its only JUST had a new set of tyres, original clutch (as sweet and light as can be) original pads. Best thing is this : The Lambo boys reckon the clutch is only half worn, I thought it was about to go but viewing the plate through an inspection hatch they say no. Stunning machine..
    This is the engine undergoing its 15000 service and the Lambo boys putting the Tubi back on
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  19. A set from the dealer is less that $6k:eek: Thats a shock!! I was thinking it would be at least $12k a set but what do I know:D:D:D
  20. Dealer price is close to $5k, you should be able to get a slightly used set for a little over $3k.
  21. I'm impressed Simon.

    And now that I have heard what a MUrcielago sounds like I will be buying one!



    P.S How well did the car slow after doing 192mph!?
  22. Simon

    Good to hear that you have had a fantastic time, with your nice looking car.
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    Thats its weakest spot. Up to the 05's the brakes are ok for the road, but on the track they are'nt so good. I'm sure there are upgrades available aftermarket but the first run from 190 was ok but the 3rd and 4th in quick succession had my heart in my mouth. The 05 cars are tons better with new calipers and pistons. They still need ceramics in my opinion..Ferrari still have the edge on the braking side for the time being. The stock exhaust is utter ****e, the back box weighs nearly 40 kilo's. This is a pic of the Tubi next to the factory item..what a sound!
    Ralph - thankyou!
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  24. I just got off the phone the Lamborghini U.K and they tell me there is an option for carbon brakes on new 05 models, but it sounds to me like the 8 piston calipers and new rotors should be enough for mild track use.

    I find it a little odd that Lamborghini have decided to simply take the brakes from the Gallardo and call it an "improvement".

    That factory exhaust is plain bananas, I know they need to meet certain EU dB limits but surely they could have made a silencer box that weighed less than 40kgs! The weight difference alone must be good for about 7 bhp/ton!
  25. 1. Is that for both Murci and Gallardo?
    2. Would you mind PM'ing me the name & contact info of the person that you spoke with? I would like to get a car with that option.

  26. Thanks for posting the pics of two exhausts. That very revealing in interesting.

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