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Murcie Roadster Roof...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tubi, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. I love the Murcie esp the Roadster and think it is easily one of the most best designed cars in the world...But was amused to read an article in the last issue of Autocar about the roof. The author referred to it as looking like a 'fruit bat'. There is also a pic of him driving whilst holding up an umbrella in the car.

    Why did Lambo put the car in production with a shoody roof, which restricts your driving (cant drive above a certain speed [70/100mph] or something? This would def put me buying this piece of art..........
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  3. Similar reason to Ferrarh producing the Barchetta IMO; people will buy their cars regardless, and it wouldn't be cost effective to develop a proper top for the car seeing that they only intend(ed) on selling a limited quantity.
  4. I thought the same thing but the F50, 550 Barchetta, also have the same silly top. Its strange because back in the 50s Ferrari built the California which had a perfectly good top.Of course the Testa Rossa and other 50s race cars had these silly tops. I guess when you are a tough macho race driver you dont worry about getting wet :)

    I considered getting a Murcielago Spyder but I will wait for the prices to soften a bit, Meanwhile I got a 95 512M chopped with absolutely No top at all. I will have a custom chrome roll bar built and have a Jeep like bikini top made for it
  5. Good points.......But would it really have proved too costly to even produce a conventional folding roof i.e 355 spider or even something which enables the car to be driven normally? (fast! as it is a sports car afterall).

    Personally, having seen and sat in the 550 Barchetta i dont like it one bit (looks hideous IMO)..the F50 roofer is prob just a minor disccomfort to the lucky owner!

    Even, if the introduction of electronics, costs and weighs too much then a manual folding roof (with NO restrictions) would have been great! I have done some searching on this topic and am surprised there is not more on this topic - i really do think it is such a shame for such a beautiful car!

    p.s Will i have followed your threads about the Tyson 512M it looks the business!!!!! nice one. Have you made any changes to the car after purchase? the 512 is my fav car after the F40.....
  6. The Murcielago roadster is a topless car in the purest form. A top of any type is a compromise. Lambo did not set out to build a convertable with all the electronics, folding mechanisim and junk that just adds weight. They built a pure bred barchetta and did not compromise the design to store a convertable top.

    I'm sure Lambo's thoughts were something along the lines of "if your so worried about the rain, drive the coupe." :)
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