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Murcie Roadster has landed in Texas!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jonathanp, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Just wanted to give you guys and gals a peek at our first roadster that arrived this morning.

    Rosso Vic is most definitely one of the sharpest colors that Lamborghini has put on the Murcielago.

    This particular car has the Alcantara seat inserts, lower dash, and door panels with contrasting Red Stitching. The top is a bit clumsy the first time, but with anything else, practice makes perfect!

    On with the pics!!
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  3. wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow and

  4. Hey, can I come by for a test drive? :)
  5. Its definately got the Schwing but I want a wing :)
  6. It's 2004 William, not 1984 :)
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  8. Carbon Fiber cross bracing.....$5K option over standard steel!!

    Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

    Thanks! Looks sharp!
  9. Very impressive, it looks great with that color combination.
  10. Wow. The future owner is going to be one lucky person. I can't wait until I see one in the metal.
  11. By far the best color combo I have seen on a roadster thus far...Is it available or spoken for?

    What is the msrp?
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  13. WOW! leaves you speechless
  14. so is it "sold" or are you taking bids? I mean if that was mine and it arrived it would be gone before you got your pics :)

    do they all come with polished wheels?
  15. Okay, I just soiled my pants. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  16. i'm pretty sure i just did too!!
    awsome color combo
  17. Holy ****!!!! Rosso Metis and Creme!!! Speaking of creme....gotta go change my shorts...
  19. Rosso Metis is the color for the Gallardo. This is Rosso Vic and is a little lighter, more metallic color. This is not a standard color for the Murcielago, we custom ordered it for our first Roadster...
  20. Cool, thanks for the clarification Jonathan. great pics BTW.
  21. Jonathan, it's Tom.

    Just curious....what she's stickered at?

    Got anything you wanna trade for my beautifully and near perfect 97.5 Diablo roadster? Put about 1000 flawless miles on her so far....currently at approx. 5000miles or 8100km. It's been almost 3 months. Time's up.

    ps: btw, the murcie roadster is totally out of my leaque.
  22. Jonathan,

    Is there any way I can swing by & check out this car in person or will it be locked up in the top secret showroom??
  23. hot damn!
    give that thing a little more red in the interior, a stickshift, and I'm in heaven!
  24. Anyone is welcome to come by and see it. It is settled nice and snug in our showroom on display.

    The MSRP of the car is $347625.00 and has all the goodies!
  25. I'd like to Jonathan but I'm enjoying a day off. Besides, that most likely will be gone & will be someones eaely Chanukkah /Christmas present. Maybe Keyshawn Johnson will purchase it due to yesterdays victory over the Bears.

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