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Murcie Fun Aftermarket!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SupercarGuru, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. Enjoy!


    Brake calipers, wheels, exhaust, manifolds, engine cover! oh yes! If anyone wants info email me.
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  3. wow nice stuff you got there... any website with bigger pics and information?
  4. ohhh....aj should have a field day with these mods! Any more?
  5. lol. Well, I am a stock wheel guy, with color change only. Orange valve covers with the clear bonnet might look good though!! And orange calipers. Hey, gotta go, getting my can of spray paint and gonna do some work!!
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  7. The black wheels ruin it. Contrast is a good thing.
  8. I love the color of the car the calipers and engine cover is nice the wheels I would pass.
  9. Hey i got alot of responses from people interested, i am working on a package with my dad right now for the Gallardo, but i can get some really wild Murcie Exhausts. We are a Tubi Dealer here in Palm Beach, but i have some european exhausts coming in for the murcie. Anybody that needs any help please feel free to email me, i am dedicated right now to creating a package for the gallardo and murcie. If we cant get it i can send you in the right direction!



    The Tubi EURO for the Gallardo is INCREDIBLE!!!!
  10. Eh Tubi is mass produced garbage.
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  12. What would you suggest Ben? Have you had any of the systems?
  13. Id do a custom exhaust. Hand fabricated.
  14. wow what color is that murcie? its really beautiful.

  15. i second this!!

    phucking beautyful

  16. i think there are many great exhaust systems, but quality wise Tubi is the best...i have used quicksilver capristo etc, and Tubi's always line up perfectly and all the hardware is stainless and comes with the exhaust...

    Capristo Beautiful but they dont line up great...

    Quicksilver....dont get me started....

    and Tubi systems are tested extensively!!! unlike Quicksilver or the others...For the Enzo exhaust Tubi has worked hand in hand with Ferrari....Quicksilver never even tested the exhaust on a car!

    my 2 cents.

  17. how about Gallardo goodies???
  18. for the Gallardo...

    i have heard about a wing and im trying to become a dealer for the wings AND i know we just got the first Tubis in. Wheels you can get anywhere but i can get really good deals on any rim i have business accounts with a large distributer...But in reality with shipping and everything it might be cheaper to go with someone near you.... i am currently researching some performance chips. I can get the back engine cover in glass, and i can get the calipers etc...they are basically powder coated...

    ill keep everyone updated!

  19. When are you going to find me a 94se John?
  20. LOL i still got that one! maybe if i post some REALLY PRETTy pictures i can convince you hahaha im trying to get the guy to trade it in on a 97 roadster we have... dont worry its sitting waiting for you!


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