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Murci wing

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by allanlambo, Feb 1, 2004.

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  4. Is the wing on the white car any different from the one on your Diablo?
  5. Im not digging it. Nor am i digging the bull on the hood. Ruined a otherwise good car.i thought those cars didnt need wings because they produced enough downforce by channeling the air under the cars. Like a Enzo or a Corvette even.
  6. The white Murcie is pretty ghetto-pimped-out like a G-dog on da fly tip:cool:

    The bull on the hood is almost as bad as the guys in the Civics with HONDA POWER decals on the side:rolleyes:
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  8. Have to agree the wing looks stupid. Really like the look of the Murcie stock standard. They are ruining a good car.
  9. looks great without the wing.
  10. both of these cars look over done the first one with the wheels,tinted windows, and the wheels and wind.The second the bull with the wing looks over done but it reminds of a SV version for some reason.
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  12. I am not a big fan of the bull on the hood but I like the wing on the white one. The black one is better off left alone. I understand everyone wanting to relate it to the rice thing but this car is faaaaaar from rice. Chrome can be pulled off if done correctly.
  13. Without the wing looks better.
  14. I don't mind the black one, I'll agree that the white is over done though. If I had a Murci I wouldn't put a wing on it... but I don't have one, so I'll love any example I can lay my eyes on.
    This might be off topic and maybe even discussed in another thread, but does anyone think they'll make a lightweight (SV) version of the Murci? Perhaps even a more streetable version of the awesome racecar?! (Which series is that car going to be entered in?)
  15. The wing on the black car doesnt bother me but I cannot stand chrome rims on anything. Chrome is just cheesy. I don't think white is a good color for the Murci but the bull on the hood should've been in black if at all.

  16. Don't tell me...the ex owner of this car was killed and shown in this car as well ;)

    PS If he is not dead he shound be shot... such a beautiful car in stock form that is awash in very bad taste!! :(

    I love Lamborghini and the cars they make but until Lambo starts to sell to clients that do not need to "make a statement" by ricing out their rides they will not be as respected as they should be within the sports car community.
  17. People that rice out a $325k are just attempting to make up for lacking in other places:)

    I have a "rap star" buddy that had a hit back in '95 when he was in his early 20's. Him and his family spent all there cash on Cadillacs for everyone and now he works at Footlocker driving the same car with 135k miles:)

    These guys either don't work for there money so they try to fill up the void with crap like this. Don't have the intelligence to appreciate what the car is stock and end up F-in it up in the long run....Don't get me started on the red cars with red tint or the Ford crown vic ex police cars with 3/4 ton truck roof markers;)

    But in the end to each his own:cool:
  18. i really like the black one.
  19. The white one inmo looks good without all the graphics, and i really like the black car. Both cars are from Japan, and i can show you pics of what theyve also done to Ferrari's, so maybe Ferrari needs to watch who they sell their cars to.
  20. Allan, post the ferrari pics;) honestly, I guess in japan it is critical to really make things your own? I mean, I know if I had one, I certainly wouldnt want MY white murcielago to look like all the damn others lining the boston streets! LOL.
  21. Different people like different things, whats cool here might be hideous elsewhere...Good example: a guy I work with from Mexico City has a BRIGHT PINK Nissan 360Z with painted stock wheels to match and it is the coolest car in their eyes:D

    I mean the ugliest and brightest shade of pink you have ever seen....

    ps-he claims to be straight:rolleyes:
  22. People have go to learn one thing about exotic cars the people who design them are the best at doing what they do designing super cars. Dont go and put some goofy ass wing on your car or put some decals on the car to make it look better (faster) etc. If I got a murci is would stay 100% stock the only thing that is ok to change sometimes is some nice aftermarket light wheels like HRE or other but not Giovanni spinners or 200 spoke wheels that where in that Enzo thread.

    my .02 Cents
  23. Yeah, all of those graphics really detract from the car. Good thing they are not as overblown as something like a huge SV or something...I obliged your baiting, happy? ;)
  24. Well Said!
  25. My Murci will stay stock looking, just lighter and faster with a little blue bottle in the trunk.
  26. Allan, do you have the only SV on the island? Must be somewhat annoying not being able to find a good place to use the spray over there...
  27. Theres a nice 5 mile stretch to open her up on. 5 miles of open road, with no where that someone will pull out in front of you. Been right around 200mph there so far.

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