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Murci.topless..few ofWAYNE'S car..SORRY AJ NO WINGS

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by LAfun2, Aug 17, 2004.

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  2. #3 LAfun2, Aug 17, 2004
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  3. I kind of like the duotone interior.
  4. wow that interior is cool.....I think. Is that an option or just showing one car with 2 diff interior options?

    Man I sure am liking lambos better than new ferraris now. They capture that 80's testarossa wow factor I miss.
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  6. Great pics. You can order the Murci's with dual interior. Pretty cool. Ryan, what color was that Roadster in person? It looks copper or dark gold.
  7. Cicero,

    You can order the lambo with two interior.

    EDIT: Oops looks like AJ already answered the question. The car was more copper than gold. :)

    Am I a permanent member of the darkside or what?!
  8. I'll take it to the owners counsel. Im optimistic.
  9. Beat me to the punch. :)
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  11. eeewww, i dont know what u guys are raving about, i think that the green interior on the drivers side is awful... looks like someone puked on it... ;(
  12. lol. Raving is a bit strong. I said it was kinda cool, as did someone else. I think the majority would not like it though.
  13. Love the exterior...can't get over the interior. I personally don't like it. Overall, those rims on the regular Murcielago would look totally boss!!
  14. The rims are disgusting imo. I wish lambo would do a deep dish lip design on the new murcis...something wild and intimidating. BUt hey, that is what the aftermarket is for. :D
  15. Dam car needs a .................WING!!!
  16. Love the Roadster, Wheels, Color, interior (well, some color tweaking is needed but the concept of a dual tone interior is way cool), everything about it.
    Waynes car is looking great as usual.
    How many Red 6.0 like that are out there? I only recall seeing one or two others.
  17. The wheels are awesome but that green interior makes me feel like...
  18. Copper and navy would have been smoother.
  19. exactly my opinion! if the exterior was green, then it would do, easily.
  20. The Dual tone interior is a first for Lamborghini, Lamborghini has done two Diablo roadster show cars like that, and the whole copper on green reminds me of the 1960 -1970s Miura combinations, its sad because many miuras were originally wild combinations but so many have been changed to red on black yellow on black etc...

    Anyone have pics and SERIAL number of the green Miura SV that was there??
    thanks -jt
  21. .....and Ryan, welcome to the dark side! lol

    Initiations might be a little rough! hahaha

  22. Anyone have pics and SERIAL number of the green Miura SV that was there??
    thanks -jt[/QUOTE]

    5106 - Originally a German SV. I'm sorry I didn't get any good photos of it.
  23. why would they put that $hitted out interior color on a show car? save that for a rap star or something, give a nice yellow/black, or black with yellow inserts, my favorite(!)
  24. good call buddy..... that 2 tone crap looks like the guy was colour blind!
  25. Shocking interior...and on a show car? Doesn't someone in senior management care enough to want to cast an eye over a launch car before it gets put on a truck? Unbelievable!

    Let's not fall for the emperor's clothes trick here. The Roadster model is a disappointment (being polite). With an awesome starting point (standard Murci) and Audi's contacts in contract soft-top manufacturers, this is the best they could do?

  26. 5106 - Originally a German SV. I'm sorry I didn't get any good photos of it.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks! I saw the US side marker lens on the car and was confused i didnt know that car. We are planning the Miura SV reunion right now! Contact me sometime! Im looking for any suggestions and whats the best bribe to get you on the east coast?


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