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Murci Roadster Market?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by WCH, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Is there a backlog for the car? I assumed that they are selling at MSRP, but someone suggested to me today that the cars have been getting a premium. Does anyone know the state of the market? Thanks, Will
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  3. There are some dreamers who are asking for a premium, mostly highline exotic stores who purchased the car for msrp from a lambo store, hoping to make a profit. For the most part they are msrp. You just have to call around and I guaruntee you can find several for msrp maybe even back up sticker if you are a good negoitiator.
  4. Several are sitting in showrooms collecting dust, you can get one back of msrp if you show them you're serious.
  5. Thanks for the replies, you've confirmed my suspicions. It's a beautiful car. Cheers, Will
  6. for the list price of the roadster, you can buy a used murci coupe,02, and an 01 360 spider!!!!you get the murci coupe which has better performance, light er weight and better structure than the roadster, and you get a beautiful ferrari spider with a real top..which would you rather have?
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  8. the roadster
  9. the 360m spider is ugly anyway!
  10. I think i have to agree with you.
  11. Most have had a slight premium, some at msrp. Haven't seen any discounted as of yet.
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  13. All that we have coming are sold...and all are selling at MSRP. I doubt there are any real ( ie direct from the factory and haven't been bought and resold ) new cars that are selling below sticker.


  14. Will, isn't FMoW going to start offering Lambo's?
  15. yes they are now a lambo dealer, ...a new lambo showroom will be built this year but right now the lambos are at opposite end of the showroom from the ferraris

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