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Murci R-GT to race next weekend in Ohio

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. This may be old news, but I am very excited about the upcoming Mid-America American Lemans Series event. It will be the first event for the Murci R-GT cars in the US. Whats more exiting, is that the teams are based out of Road Atlanta, 8 miles from my house. I am at the track 2-3 times a week, and my friends shop is next door to the Barbour team. 2 large semi's arrived this week, and they will house the 2 individual Murci teams as they travel. Hopefully, I will get some pics this week of the cars, which are arriving this week, just in time to be trailered to Ohio. I will keep everyone posted, as a new chapter opens for Lamborghini.

    The car will be similar to this one, with different sponsor decals.
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  3. better get pictures! hahaha

  4. We are leaving Thursday from VA to go to the races. We plan on being there for most of Friday's testing, and of course all races Saturday and Sunday. I of course will have the camera with me so I will get as many pics as possible and will post next week.
  5. Excellent!!!
  6. That is sooo cool, I wish I could go, I dont really follow racing to close (especially Lambo racing) but I would absolutley love to see that Murci R-GT out on the track, bet it sounds AWSOME :D
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  8. That big front lip looks great... it would be awesome to get a street lambo in the carbon fiber finish.

    Does anyone else think that the lip kind of makes it look like a robotic large mouth bass?
  9. Thats exactly what I thought it looked like!! A robotic large mouth bass!! You took the words right out of my ......mouth. Ryan, you need to get back to the US soon, this isnt good for you.

    A couple more pics of the "robotic large mouth bass", aka Murci R-GT
  10. My friend is taking his camcorder so we should also have video of the all the cars including the Murci. We also be sure to snag photo/vid of any privately owned F-cars we see in the paddock or driving around. I would love to convert any videos over to post but I have never done it. So that may take some time.
  11. wow looking forward to seeing some nice pics of the beast! Im not really updated on this car, is it fast compared to the others on the grid? thanks
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  13. Those are some sick pics - Very cool!
  15. Ryan, I will come and get you and smuggle you back to the US. Hopefully those that did not see the obvious similarities in the "robotic large mouth bass", and the Murci GT-R can now peruse those pics and ,DUH....its obvious!! Nice job Barrister.
  16. how do doors open on race version?
  17. I just wanted to be certain :).

    While we're on the same topic, the 612 Scaglietti is a catfish. Especially in Grigrio Ingrid.

  18. Like this.

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