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Murci on the lift for 1st time

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by AEHaas, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. I just got my '04 Murcielago on my lift for the first time. The bottom is worth seeing. Enjoy...
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  3. Wow, that looks awesome. Even the undercarriage is a peice of artwork. Beautiful!

  4. So many people think the interior is unique so here is a picture of the hide.
  5. looks slick! i liked the murciealago from day one, no matter who made it. you have a nice car there, dont forget to flog the hell out of it for us poor bastards who cant afford one!
  6. Good Luck with the new car AEHaas!
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  8. Very nice, congratulations... Can we get a picture of the car in full view...?
  9. Awesome color combo!
  10. wouldnt mind seeing some closer pics of the Tach and Speedo.
  11. I knew that once I started this I would be in trouble. It pays to keep quiet.
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  13. i like your house alot that part right there looks like a court yard. Aweasome house.
  14. Test Question - What body part is this and why?
  15. Nice interior, but I can't help but think its a bit too "Ferrari-ish" for a Lambo. I envision a Lambo with a more outrageous interior, like matching leather, or something like a Red interior on Gunmetal, like I saw recently on a Murci. Not so far as the Rotten-Ronny-Coffin car in the other thread. More like a compromise between that car and the tan leather pictured above.

    Of course, I'm getting way too picky, I'd be lucky just to sit in a Murci right now!

    EDIT - Damn!!! that last picture is stunning! I'll shut up now!
  16. I also liked the first pic. Upskirts are always nice. Beautiful Car.

    A Murcielago is a terrific automobile. Enjoy her.
  17. All pictures were taken with a Nikon D1X and a 14mm lens.

  18. A hand. And I dont know.
  19. Really sharp interior colors post more pics of the house :). Lets see the maranello on the lift now.
  20. STunning looking Murci! Interior looks very very nice! Was it easy to find the jackpoints underneath, they clearly marked? Is that color yellow slightly darker than previous years?
  21. Hand is correct. To keep the sun off the lens. I did get a few shots with the sun for lens effects.

    I will do the 575 when it's turn comes up.

    The jack points were very hard to find but now that I know where they are, no problem. It was a little scary this first time. The points are not marked.

    Color is standard 3-color yellow. It just looks a little funny due to the poor lighting situation, shooting into the sun.

    By the way, prepositions are not good to end sentences with.

  22. Ae
    On my race cars I always paint a red dot on the jacking points.
    Why do they leave the drive train exposed? Cooling? I would think that would create a touch of drag or turbulance.
    Very Nice.
    IMHO I would change the mats to a logo less set.
  23. LOL...!

    AE, your Murcielago looks great... Any chance you're on the list for a Murcielago Barchetta...? The weather in your pictures looks perfect to ride around topless...
    i agree with the others, too; your house looks beautiful from what's shown in the picture... The "court yard" looks great... You should invite a bunch of exotics over just to take pictures in that area... :)
  24. man your car is awsome

    i want to see your car in person

    it is so frekin COOL!
  25. That is really a great looking car, love that interior.
  26. Very nice - Congrats!

    I drove next to a Yellow Murci last night - Was from the Beverly Hills Lambo dealer. Was just a beast on the road! Very wide car. It was bumper to bumper traffic - I felt bad the guy couldn't step on it!
  27. The car is 2 inches wider than my Expedition. This is my neighbors car (wife)...
  28. I like your neighbor's car. Great color.

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