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Murci Interior?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by lotustt, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. Wouldnt you like to see more of a stylized interior in the Murci? Ive seen a couple in person and although nice and looks better than the pictures, it still feels like its missing something. I really like the dash of the 01 outgoing diablo redesign. That had flair, style, soul. The instrument pod is to audi like or something, get some nice gauges and bezels on there. Saying that i would still take one in a second cause its not enough to turn me off.
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  3. I agree it is a bit on the utalitarian side. However I jumped directly from a Diablo (GT and 6.0) into the Murci, I found the Murci interior and dash to be superior.

    I'd take either in a heartbeat too.
  4. The Murci is a great looking car inside and out. I want to find a spoiler for mine. But then it might look like a kit car or something, that is until that civic with a prison anus pipe gets on my ass and catches sum 93 octane. Yall know where I can get one(spoiler)? Calling Allan.
  5. So many Murcielagos have black interiors. The dash is black, the carpet, the seats and console, the doors. It all blends together. If you select a 2 tone interior it looks much better.
  6. That is amazing! If thats not inspiring you to work hard I don't think anything will.
    Money may not buy happiness, but it sure will by something close enough for me. ;)
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  8. perhaps because Im young, but in direct contrast to a super classy GT (a la 550 in TDF blue/beige or something) I think a Black or Yellow murcielago with two toned interior (black and yellow) is gorgeous...these two colors just do it for me on lambos.
  9. Here is a shot with the opposite door down, anything but bland.
  10. Wow AE, your interior just keeps looking better and better! Stunning! What is the name of that color beige?
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  12. Where can I get my interior done? Because I bought mine used and obviously I couldnt get it customized. Any good places?
  13. Id like to see some pics of your Murci. I love them in green.
  14. Allan, did you make any changes to the interior of your SV? I have a buddy of mine selling his 01 Black/Black 996 TT, let me know if your interested I will PM you his information.


  15. My wife actually picked the tan or light brown (whatever you want to call it) color off the Gallardo interior color chart. It is not a Murcielago color option. It cost us more than just the normal 2 color interior upgrade price. My wife saw a picture of that interior in a Gallardo and said give that color to me. I think the actual name was Curio Olympus.
  16. So far, all i did, was change the shift knob, momo pedals, a Lamborghini script emblem inside like on the 01, and i had custom side seat bolsters made in Carbon fiber.

    Thanks for the info on the 996, but im not a fan of black/black. Im going to get white- red or yellow.
  17. That gallardo interior looks amazing is that a navigation screen in the middle that looks great.

    Allan does your lambo have the SV stiched into the headrest I just love that.
  18. The interior color on AE haas car is cuoio olympus on nero perseus. The exterior is called Giallo Orion. That is the prettiest Murcielago I have ever seen.

  19. Verde Reptilious (Viper Green) is a hot combination.
  20. Any pics of this combo? I absolutely love the Murci in lime green, whatever its official name is.

    I'd like to think I've got better taste than a rapper on the verge of being shot, but lately I've been getting thoughts of what an orange or yellow interior would look like on lime green.
  21. It would look like a tropical fruit. I like, I like a lot.
  22. When is Lamborghini going to give English names to their colors? So many Murci's are bought here in the US it certainly would seem to be justified and with little expense! Italian and English.
  23. That Gallardo is nice. I want one but there so expensive right now. I want a blue one. With a blue and white interior.
  24. This is my neighbor's interior. The exterior is Rosso Vic and this white interior looks a little bland but still much more interesting than straight black.

    I do not understand why so many people pick black interiors.
  25. It seems to be that the dealers that do the ordering always pick black. It must be this way becuase they think its easier to keep looking clean. Whereas that white interior looks nice but will be difficult to keep looking good over the long term. Unless you do a custom order like you did, it seems many come with black interiors for its ease of keeping clean and new looking.
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