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Murci impressions...1st wk of ownership

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Clax, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. All I can say is that I wish I had bought one sooner. The acceleration is absolutely awesome, and the torque is huge. Not only that, the ride is surprisingly supple in the softest setting (for just cruising around town) and the stiffest setting offers great handling/cornering. What a great, great car.
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  3. Clax congradulations, sounds awesome. Have you posted pics of the car here before? So I guess you don't miss your 360 Spider.
  4. Ahhh, another satisfied Lambo owner.
  5. Congratulations Clax. That is some machine you have.
  6. Congrats, where the hell are the pics??
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  8. dying to see it....
  9. I love the murcielago. :drool:
  10. Congratulations,
    I also believe the Murci to be an awsome car in every way.I look forward to seeing some pics and here additional feed back.
  11. Anxiously awaiting pics.
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  13. congrates...hows the visiblity in everyday driving? you still have the stock exhaust and how does that sound? cant wait for the pics!!!

  14. Congrats..enjoy. and then sell my 550 so I can buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ?

    I am trying to post pics, but the board won't give me the option to do so.


  16. Come on man, your killing me here! JK
  17. I'm trying! I emailed Rob. A few times I tried and the "Manage Attachments" button is not visible. A few other times, it was visible, but nothing happens when I hit it. Are you guys having the same problem?
  18. Visibility for everyday driving is quite poor, but the mirrors are very functional. I think it will take me another few drives to get used to the visibility, which (I think) adds to the character of the car.

    Exhaust is not stock (Tubi), and the sound is un-f'ing-believable.
  19. Clax,

    Do you have a pop-up stopper running? If so disable it before trying to attach pictures.

  20. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! CongatS! My co-worker just got a pre-owned 02 in January the same color with the same exhaust, chrome stocks, and a clear rear decklid. He purchased it at Beverly Hill Lambo and man is the ride sweeT! The Exhaust is as mean as HELL!!! But surprisingly the ride quality is sooo much smoother than I thought it would be! CongratS! EnJOY!!!!
  21. Nice! Is the interior all black?
  22. Very nice, very nice. I remain jealous as hell!!!
  23. Thanks for all the congrats and positive comments.

    Jeff, the interior is black with yellow stitch.
  24. looks awesome!
  25. Thanks Allan.
  26. Audio and interior pictures please!
  27. ...or better yet, a VIDEO with naked wimmin!

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