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Murci does well at Nardo in Autocar roadtests

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by simon355, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. In todays UK Autocar edition the Murci, Enzo, Bentley GT Porsche Carrera GT, Aston DB9 & the McLaren Merc SLR are tested at Nardo superbowl in Italy. The Enzo gets it on top speed at 219mph, McLaren 206mph Porsche 206mph, Murci 203mph, Bentley GT 198mph & the DB9 at 190mph. Interestingly though the Murci comes second only to the Enzo in accelaration, the Enzo in 3.6 and the Murci in 3.7.Mclaren Merc & Porsche on 3.8 with the Aston on 5 and the Bentley on 5.2. Seems like they loved the Murci saying it was the hero of the shootout with a fabulous engine note at the top end. The 4wd gave it the traction needed to keep up with far more expensive machinery and it was only a second behind the Enzo doing a standing KM in 21.4 secs. The only thing it was marked down upon was the stability at 200mph which was'nt quite up with the rest. Other than that what a great performance.
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  3. Nice recap!! Like hearing that.
  4. Love this bit of their test on the Murci :

    'Its the aural properties of the Murcielago's wondrous naturally aspirated 6.2 litre V12 that left the biggest impression on anyone within earshot of Nardo. It is a menacing but addictive sound that had everyone scrambling toward the pit lane wall every time it howled past on the banking'
    'The Murcielago is such a brutish looking machine; you can't help but expect it to deliver every time its fired up.A previous winner here, we knew the Sant'Agata sledgehammer had the goods to go beyond 200mph. Editor Sutcliffe once clocked one at 206mph and 2 years ago it did 205mph at this very track.And nothing much has changed since then, the Lambo blasting its way to 203.3mph this time-or just 3mph shy of the rather more powerful Merc SLR to place it in 4th overall. It does'nt wear the fighting bull badge for nothing.'

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