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Murci car show pics

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Forget it. Couldnt upload. Sorry. File too large.
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  3. Don't tease us, no fun.
  4. Thanks Ryan!! It was a beautiful day, look at that sky!! Look at the size of the GT40 compared to the Murci. Wow.
  5. Size isnt everything AJ ;-)

  6. notice what car most the people were admiring:)
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  8. A.J.,
    Scoops Please ;)
  9. As one's real and one's a replica it's not surprizing.
  10. Any close up of those wheels ? Are they from the factory ?
  11. His wheels are stock with little black inserts. AJ, any closer shots of the roof scoops?
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  13. I missed that:) My bad...

  14. Gotcha ..i thought the black inserts were "holes" ..
  15. Yes, I will post some tomorrow showing the functional ram air set-up. Its being completed tonight. I
  16. Yes, as ETW stated, I had some black inserts cut in aluminum that fit between the holes. I like black wheels, but did not want to paint these, so Im adding some black trim where possible. A better pic.
  17. Yes, of course. When I stated GT40, I assumed people would know it was a replica. A very nice one I might add. Thats the S.Africa replica, I forget the name.
  18. Even as a replica, is it ever ****ing low!!! The Murci looks as big as a family car next to it!
  19. lol. Yes, thats what amazed me.

  20. Superformance.
  21. unique! :)

    what a beauty!

    Thanks for sharing
  22. how do you get in the gt40, you d have to be a contortionist!!!!
  23. The guy who owned it was old like me, and it took him about 5 minutes to get himself
  24. I like the wing on the Murcielago, did it come off a Diablo SV ?
  25. A 94se. Same wing though.
  26. Nope. CAV.

    The real mystery is how they got into them with the original steering wheel which was HUGE. (I have mine on the shelf but use a smaller one). WIth a smaller Steering it's not a problem.
    Very nice work on your car. Pristine.
  27. Cav!! Thats it. The guy asked if I wanted to get into it, and after seeing him get out, I Thanks you.

    ps. How does the Cav stack up in terms of replica's out there? I thought the car was extremely well done.
  28. AJ,

    Car looks great!


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