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Murchielago Roadster

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by shelbee, Jun 28, 2004.

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  2. Do you mean has anyone seen this in person? If your talking about those pics then thats old old old news
  3. Nice pics though. Will be in US soon.
  4. gorgeous car... but the top mechanism will apparently be rudamentary.... better to buy a 02 coupeand with money you save, get a 355 or 360 spider
  5. Wow....Anything I say would be embellishing the obvious!!!!!!
    What will the sticker be?
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  7. I was told fall for us Canadians :(
  8. 400ish, early on. 325k msrp I think.
  9. Lead car in running of the bulls this year!
  10. Really? Maybe my trade show isnt as important as I thought. hmmmm
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  12. The top is just as bad as the 550 Barchetta. Only enough to get you out of the rain at like 55mph tops.
  13. 6.0, are the wheels of Murci's interchangable with those of diablos?
  14. I think those new wheels look 10x better than the current stock Murci wheels.
  15. Your trade show is 14-18th. Running of bulls is 9-11th.
  16. I thought the dates you emailed me were the same as the trade show? Was that something different?
  17. Yes, those wheels look similar to the 6.0 wheels, only better!!
  18. LOL. This is funny that Wayne knows AJ's schedule better than AJ does :).
  19. The concouro Italialiano the is 13th races 14th Pebble beach 15th
    Track events the next week. You could still do running of the bulls
    and hangout for couple of days!
  20. Its a plan then!! I will get with you on the particulars. Will be great!!
  21. LMAO!!! I think your right.
  22. I was just stateing that these are older pictures.........I know your the ferrari guy :)
  23. From the design it looks like a Carrera GT type roof could be fabricated for the Murcie Roadster. I'm sure buyers could afford to have one taylor made.

    I guess the problem may be where to store it in the car.
  24. I'm not convinced. Lambo's look better with roofs. Hopefully this car will become sought after by the 'poseur' crowd (celebs, et al.), leaving the coupe's for the enthusiasts (like day).
  25. Car G. Uy, I'll try again, are the wheels of Murci's interchangable with those of diablos? I say this because those wheels are very attractive.

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