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MSRP on Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. Think I have a lead on yellow immediate delivery car.
    What is the actual MSRP? Allan or anyone
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  3. 165K e gear. Before you buy one drive one. First gear is VERY long, e gear is lurchy at low parking speeds. I'd go for a used Murcie. Not much more $ and a lot more car.
  4. Depends on whether its e-gear. I believe 6 speed is 169, and e-gear 179. Give or take a couple thousand, but right around there.
  5. Recent ebay sale of new e gear reproted by SCM @ 172K (They had MSRP @ 165K) Many including "April Miller Cars" are asking 220K. SCM was first auction sale I saw.
  6. Thanks for info we''l see if it pans out.
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  8. If you want a Gallardo Right Now...They have a Yellow one (E-Gear. $185K) and a Black one (6-Speed. $170K) at Lamborghini Chicago/A.K.A./ Fox Valley Motorcars in West Chicago,Il. Brand new, Selling at,I believe,MSRP. I read that they weren't going to Price Gough on them. Check out their website: or-888-883-0915 Their website is really cool. For the specs. on the Gallardo,they have them,along with all of the available color options,which you can Click onto and the car turns that color. Lots of other cool cars there,too. I stop by there in my 308 all the time and oggle the beautiful selection of cars that they always have.
  9. The yellow I found was LOADED WITH OPTIONS a 200K car.
    If I get one I want 6 spd basic car.
    thanks for website very nice!
  10. why cant ferrari do this? just sell them at msrp, and try some how to keep secondary market pricing down, produce more v8s. Why is 360 pricing still so high? there are millions to buy, so what gives?
  11. The 360 market stays high only in the U.S., because its Ferraris largest market, and even though some guys here may say to the contrary, its the only Ferrari with a bit of exotic flair, so its the Ferrari everyone wants, and up until now, it was the only exotic that was affordable, with Lambos only offering being the Murci. The Gallardo will change things. It already has with the 360 being the #1 most traded in vehicle.
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  13. It has me re-considering... I have deposit on a 360 CS for 193ooo.

    Although it is NOT a FERRARI.. I'm thinking it is much more of a car.
    for under 170ooo.
  14. Keep your deposit on the Stradale. Had a chance to ride in both the Stradale and Gallardo on the track this past weekend. Although the Gallardo is awsome, the 360CS is lighter, the F1 gearbox seemed superior to the E-gear on the Gallardo, and better brakes on the 360 CS.
    Just my opinion, but really you can't go wrong with either one.
  15. How would you compare the handling between the two cars?
  16. I think that the 360CS sticks to the road better, but the P Zero Corsa tires could be the difference.
  17. I saw on ebay today an e-gear gallardo for 220K. Yellow i believe. Dont remember the options but seems like a bit of gouging going on there.
  18. Thank god its not a Ferrari! Its better. Id get the Gallardo in a heartbeat.
  19. I would love to see what the timed results would be between these two cars (same day/same pro driver)etc?
  20. In the new Car and Driver, they quote saying a 360 F1 would only see shrinking taillights.

  21. Actually they have one yellow black interior yellow calipers 6 spd MSRP 171+ they want 10000 OVER MSRP I said pass. If they would sell at MSRP I told them it was a done deal.
  22. Please keep us posted. Did you try SanDeigo or Ultimate in Fla? I'd also try Manhatten in NYC.
  23. Thanks for leads. I probably won't try Calif dealers. Buy the car out of state and if it doesn't enter or began transportation into Ca for 90 days. You save the tax. I know paying 170k for the car but trying to save 13000 in sales/use tax.!!!!!!!!!!
  24. I don't know if this is out of place or not, and if it is I will never do it again. I have a yellow E-Gear car that I can sell for MSRP. Guy ordered it and decided he wanted to wait for the Spyder version. It is a yellow Egear car with calipers, stitching, homelink, etc... It is fly yellow, not the pearl yellow.
    And as for the handling issues against the CS, the Gallardo posted much better numbers in all of the european magazine tests. They really did not even bother testing it against the regular 360. The brakes on the Gallardo cannot be beaten. It is a new kit from Brembo that incorporates an 8 piston front caliper and a 6 piston rear with 14" rotors up front with 13" in the rear. The 4 wheel drive is also a huge factor in all of the testing as it sticks the car to the road like glue. Lastly, the Gallardo is not as spartan inside as the CS. The CS makes some of its numbers reality by forgoing some of the creature comforts where the Gallardo does all that while embracing them.
    If for some reason I am not supposed to put my car out there in a chat space, and it for some reason sells via this portal, I will give FerrariChat its proper share in the form of a sponorship or something of the equivalant like. I just don't know what their policy is.

    Chris Constantin
    Lamborghini Atlanta
  25. Hmmmm. A Gallardo for MSRP...and 'they' said it couldn't be done.
  26. and it hasn't. My associate just sold it for 20k over. It was an extra that was ordered by a customer and he switched over. We solved that problem. Sorry to get everyones hopes up. I will say this though, I have not seen one sell for less than 10k over.

    Give em a call or look
    They are moving fast....
  28. Haha!

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