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Most extreme Diablo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Art, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. What would you consider as being the most extreme Diablo, the SE30 JOTA or the Diablo GT? They seem very similar. The SE30 JOTA has around some more power but I don't know which one less weight. Just trying to get some more info about both models.
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  3. I would vote for the GT, and that's based on the exclusivity. Since they arent street legal in the USA, it seems the most extreme to me.

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  5. GTR! Thats the car
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  8. I say the SE30 Jota, since only 11 or 12 were ever made in the world.......none street legal in the US.........
  9. Thanks - I sent it to the slantback email.

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  10. can you make the GT street legal? Are there shops that do this?
  11. From the factory, I say the GT. There's this aftermarket bodied Diablo in Mexico (I think) that looks very strange and ugly imo.

    I think in Florida the cops wouldn't care about the GT on the roads, they seem pretty lax about that kind of stuff. There's a guy in Osprey, FL (just south of you) who has a euro version F50 and he's had it for years, no problems. If it's something that no one has ever seen or heard of here (like the Noble M14), then I think the cops would be riding you a lot.
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  13. You can probably make almost anything street legal, with enough legal fees, and modifications. ie...... $$$$$$$

    Of course headaches are part of the normal importation process.

    SE 30 Jota and GT = wild animals.
  14. I vote GTR.
  15. I've seen 2 Diablo GT's being driven on the street. One of them was orange and I asked the owner of a orange one if it was street legal while I was driving next to him and he said it was street legal and nothing had been done to it. The other one was Silver and being driven by Vik Keuylian, but I didn't get to ask him if it was street legal or not.
  16. Are you referring to the Coatl? I agree, the thing looks hideous.
  17. yeah, I was gonna say that.
    GTR is more extreme then GT.
  18. I would say the SE30 Jota is more exlusive, as only between 12 and 28 (depending on what you read) were made and they were not road legal due to their straight-through competition exhaust ;)
    SO my vote goes to the SE30 Jota :)
  19. As far as sheer brutality, I would say the VTTT, rarity the SVS, most extreme the GT1.
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    Agreed, the VTTT would be the one! There is man in Dallas I know that has one. I think only less than seven were built by the factory, one of them in Louisiana was sezied & destroyed by the FEDS.
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  21. Do you know the story as to why the Gov't did such a terrible thing? I'm intrigued...
  22. Me too. I would think the government would put it on the auction block first. But then again, gorvernment is filled with arseholes so it would entirely surprise me.

    Are there any car loving congressman in the bunch? It just seems like none have ever stuck up for the car enthusiasts.
  23. From what I remember the owner made a fortune with off shore gambling, he set it up on a small cruise ship. He made some excellent money until he had some issue with the US Government. Everything he owned was seized. The car was a euro & had not gone though proper DOT/EPA conversions. Somehow the Diablo came illegally, even though it was being driven & stored in the states. When the FEDS seized his property & found out about non federalized Diablo it had to be destroyed. I completely agree what a waste a rare automobile, it should have been auctioned off.
  24. I vote that Diablo T50 roadster that was made from that porsche tunner. Thats like the Callaway sleaghammer Corvette of the Supercar world.
  25. Excuse my lack of Lambo knowledge, but weren't all VTTT's US Spec cars sold through Platinum and modified by them?
  26. I was thinking the same thing !
  27. I am selling my stars and stripes 1996 Diablo SVR. Yes, it has a South Carolina title.
    The car will be featured in Makes and Models magazine in July '05 and will be in the 2006 Car and Driver Dream Car Calendar.
    if interested please email me privately.

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