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More teams to race the Murcielago R-GT

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by allanlambo, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Interest in the new Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT racer is continuing to grow with crack French outfit DAMS and English FIA GT entrants Creation Autosportif both linked with running the 6.2-litre V12 sportscar next year.

    The Murcielago R-GT, developed by Reiter Engineering in Germany, has had a difficult start to its racing career. Its debut was delayed until the final round of the FIA GT series at Monza and the car, suffering from a lack of straight line speed around the ultra-fast Italian circuit, was withdrawn after qualifying. A scheduled entry into the Le Mans 1000 kms earlier this month was withdrawn, but progress has been made in testing and Lamborghini are satisfied with the project's progress.

    DAMS and Creation Autosportif are two teams in talks with Lamborghini over running the R-GT next year. Leading French teams DAMS are looking to use the Murcielago R-GT to spearhead their return to top line motor racing. They have a wealth of experience running sportscars and plan a two car entry into next year's FIA GT series, the second car expected to be run for a wealthy amateur pairing.

    Meanwhile Creation Autosportif who ran two Lister Storms in this year's FIA GT series are keen to take part in the four race Le Mans Endurance Series next year and with the Lister ineligible, the R-GT is their favoured option.
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  3. DAMS are the guys that brought the Viper to victory. If they take the GTR on it will get interesting quickly. (They are testing now to deceide if they will) This is real racing, the Aussie seris you mentioned isn't, it's simply a way to let a Aussie car (Holden) win. The restrictions against everyone else make it impossible for anyone else to win and the teams who compete in it are more like club racers not real racers. That seris doesn't mean anything. This one does. (See post in Racing sec about Aussi seris)
  4. James , i think it was Oreca who was in was in charge of the winning Vipers ?
  5. Indeed it was Oreca.
  6. Andrew
    You may be right. Did DAMS run Vipers as well? I maybe wrong. Who are they?
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