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More Driving Impressions 6.0

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by whart, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. As most of you know, this car is new to me, and given the condition of the roads in the NE, covered with salt until a few days ago (still remnants left), i have not had alot of wheel time in the 6.0 yet.
    I went out today for about 4 hours and was repeatedly amazed at how well this car cornered at relatively high speed (nothing insane, but at speeds that would have you concerned and focused) on reasonably twisty 2 lane roads. Not the supertight twisties, mind you, but big and wide enough where you could easily accelerate into the curve without reducing entry speed, at say 80 mph- fast enough. The 4 wheel drive must contribute to this, because the car is just too big and heavy to be that well balanced.
    So far, the car has reminded me alot of my old BBi, but here's where the similarity ends- the Boxer had some torque, but its cornering capabilities were compromised by stone age tire technology and the difficulty of determining when the car was going to let go.
    The Diablo has oodles more power, but that alone, would not make the difference. This thing feels really tight, and much smaller, in cornering at higher speed, than I would have thought possible for a car of this size.

    I had a nice run on that road that runs behind west point, and then narrows to some chilling mountain twists above the Hudson, before leading into Cornwall on Hudson.

    I am also getting a little better on right rear quarter visibility; i have the passenger mirror cranked really far out, but if i move my head a little bit, i can actually see my rear flank this way.

    On the run back home, i cranked up an over that long hill on 9W South that goes thru StormKing. Whadda Blast!

    Oh yea, one other observation: like they used to say about the Countach, at lower speeds this thing is a beast, but get it moving and it takes on an entirely different character. By comparison, my 550's were far more docile and manageable at low speeds.
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  3. Pics! Sound files!
  4. Korr: i do have a camera mounted but it's soley for rear view. I still have my camera set up (lipstick camera and digital vid-recorder) from the Porsche, so i might do that, once i'm more familiar with the car.

    U- my routes vary, but today, i took the Saw Mill, Taconic, to Rt. 35, then did a loop on 22 N/S back on 35 heading west, picked up the Bear Mtn. Pkwy, then, on 6, up to Central Valley, took the turn-off toward West Point and did that route, up thru Cornwall, then back south again, via 9W. There are some great roads off 22 as well, up in the Salem Ny area.
  5. Sounds like a great solo run Bill. Let's try to put a small run together up in that area once the weather clears up and the roads are in better shape.

    Looks like things should be clearing up and in the 60's by the end of this week! About time...
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  7. informative narative, bill.
    am glad you are enjoying her
    drive safely....
  8. Nice report. What 6.0 did you purchase? Congrats!!
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    Hey AJ: 'tis a Rosso Vik/snowcorn with carbon wing that came out of mc i. purchased in early january, while you were on hiatus. here's a pic:
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  10. That car is drop dead gorgeous. I love it.

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  12. I didnt find it a beast at low speed. On the contrary , i found it to be remarquably user friendly in town . After driving it a few times in town , i even thought to myself what an amazing daily driver it would be .

    My only complain would be the brakes, the pedal was spongy after some spirited driving around greenwich . But it wasnt meant to be a B road champ .
  13. I could sit and stare at pics of your car all day Bill. Can you post a full page spread? What are it's turn ons & turn offs? :)

    All I've ever really heard about Diablos was that they were rough, bumpy, not comfy, etc... That might be the case with the early models ones (I don't know, never driven one), but the 6.0 is very smooth & comfy. The clutch is stiff & tight and the power is unbelievable. One thing that's taking some getting used to is the fact that 1st gear is left & down. I've never driven a car like this, so that's throwing me off. My daily driver is the 996, in which 1st gear is the conventional left & up.
  14. Damn! That's a nice lookin' 993 in the background... ;-)
  15. aM: yeah, well compared to the Enzo, and some of the other cars you have access to, you'd probably take it to the supermarket. But, compared to a 550, it's got much heavier steering (which i love, i always thought the 550 was over-assisted, and dead-feeling), big, heavy and trucklike, particularly with AWD at low speed (not that it's bad, but again, it ain't a lithe little sports car) and i guess my point was, there's a real contrast once you start to pile on the power- it only comes alive then.

    993 Guy: yeah, your photo too.

    JeffB: write-up later; as to full page spread, you mean bigger pic? Cause we are bandwidth limited here, aren't we? I have a friend who is a pro photog who will start snapping pics now that we are thawing out...
  16. Oh man that is incredible. That is my all-time favorite color on a Diablo. I have tried on 4 or 5 occasions to buy a Rosso Vic, but failed on every attempt. Any mods?
  17. Nope, other than a rear camera discreetly attached to my license plate frame- no drilling of body- and the installation of a pioneer a/v nav head to accomodate same (the alpine is in a box) everything is stock, and i'll probably keep it that way. The GT2 i just got rid of had an aftermarket exhaust, among other things, and you could hear me coming into the next county. I'll enjoy the peace and quiet, and it sounds nice when i get the revs up; as to lightening the car for increased performance, i consider that a sort of academic exercise, given that it's a pretty big beast to begin with, and a few lbs here or there (not considering my own bulk) probably won't make a huge difference to me. Why, whaddya got in mind :)
  18. I have had a few 6.0's, and exhaust REALLY wakes the car up. The stock exhaust is extremely restrictive. You could go for a "quiet" upgrade, and put on a Larrini system. Get rid of the out-cats. If you do that, and install the high-flow air filter, you will not believe the difference in low-end response. I have dyno info on that from my SE, and you will pick up 10-12% at the wheels. Now I also ditched the entire muffler, saved 100lbs, but the noise level is a bit.........noticeable.

  19. Well , i have always loved using cars for what they werent meant to but still respecting them. Hence my everyday car comment . When i ll be able to afford it , i would love to have an F40 as a daily driver ...Its doable in Paris , i ll just have to be very successful :) .
    I cant comment on the 550 M / 6.0 , i havent driven a Maranello yet.
  20. Do you have a video? I bet it sounds awesome!

    Whart, your car looks amazing! i love the color combo. Do you have any more pictures that you could share? I would love to see them.
  21. Wow...that car is absolutely stunning! Post more pics if possible!
  22. Agreed. More pics please! That is an awesome color. Snowcorn interior is my alltime favorite for lambo. Any pics of the interior?
  23. Thank you!! I have tried to duplicate that sound on my Murci, but it is not even close.
  24. Does ur forearm hit those buttons when ur no shifting? otherwise....dropdead gorgeous!

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