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Miura targa

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by zjpj, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Can anyone give me information about the open top Miura? Bertone built one to show at Brussels in January 1968. How many were ultimately made? Was it just a one off?
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  3. This is the show car.
  4. Anybody? I think it's stunning...
  5. you're right. The Muira is one of my all time favs.
  6. Isn't this the "zinc" car? I know I have a magazine article here with full details. I believe it's a one-off.
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  8. Jeff is right. The Brussels Show car is s/n 3498 and was shown in a light blue/silver paint scheme. The car was later purchased by the International Lead Zinc Research Organization (ILZRO) and transformed into the green car shown here with many zinc components. It is the only "factory" Miura spider.

    Several Miura's have been converted to spiders after the fact. One of the most well-known is s/n 4808, which was converted by a Swiss Lamborghini dealer (Lambo-Motor AG) and shown at the Geneva Salon in 1981.
  9. Style Auto #16 (1st quarter '68) had a small piece on the 'Miura Roadster Bertone' in its original form of metallic light blue and white (?) leather.

    Most of the other material on it is later, and deals with the car after it was converted to 'zinc' (including a couple of - now horribly-expensive - brochures).

    It was reported a few years ago that the car was going to form the star exhibit in a new Lamborghini museum in the UK (possibly being converted back to its original spec) - but this never happened.

    Is it now in the Sant Agata museum...?

  10. I found this in Quattroruote February 1968, in its original color scheme.
  11. Lovely as can be. Oozes sex.
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  13. story goes there were 3 Miuras with a targa roof.. Only teh ZN75 car was done by the factory. The silver car I have seen and is wonderful.. One day I'll add a Miura SV to my garage : )
    the infamous1968 MIURA P400 ROADSTER ILZRO ZN75
    ILZRO ZN 75 or ILZRO Spyder,
    a 1971 White one done to Jota specs(now silver),
    and a 1967 red/beige, rare targa top, S and SV upgrades by Wallace, located in MD.
    Some extensive info on the first two, including pics here:
  14. I'm always amazed at how beautiful and moderm a Miura is.

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