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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SupercarGuru, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I talked to many SV owners about the Miura SV reunion, I am working out the details right now but it will be in prestigious Palm Beach and the dates will be either winter of 2005 or Early 2006, Right around the time of the acclaimed Cavalino show here in Palm Beach. It will be a indoor show, for many owners have told me they do not want their cars in the elements! The event will feature other cars but the highlight will be the SV reunion.

    Plans might include the reunion or gathering of a 1960s LeMans Racer! No details will be posted yet! This is will be "Jet Setter" event like no other!


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  3. Don't want their cars in the elements??? Who are these owners? Jeez, there were 20 owners whipping their Ferrari GTOs around Laguna Seca last weekend. I say we have a rally, and see whose cars still run.
  4. Well indoors wise its going to be very upscale, subdued lighting, a private auction, guest speakers, cocktails, food...in my mind like the pinnacle of car shows something very very unique... and comfortable! It gets really hot here in florida! As of now we want to feature a compliment car at the show as well of other marques example...

    Lamborghini- Miura SV reunion
    Ferrari- F50 Reunion
    Porsche- 908 or 917 reunion

    The show will also feature other lamborghinis and ferraris we already have a long list of cars that will be there!
  5. A rally would be greattt!!!

    Ill have details by early next month, and lets see what we can work out!


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