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millennium roadster value

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by robert biscan, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Motorcars has a millennium roadster with 8k miles. One of 10 they say. What's it worth ?
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  3. A lot I hope :)

    btw, do you know what number car it is?

  4. Robert,

    The "going" price for a MY2000 Roadster is about $200,000. Some folks are asking $220,000.

    I dont think there are enough to really set a benchmark of the price, but that's the best I can offer.

  5. I don't know the # of the car. They are over 200k on the car and are asking I think 210k. Would you do this or a 6.0?
  6. Year and half ago, I was first looking at titanium 6.0s, make a couple offers, when I found the Millennium it was a no brainer, being topless outweighed everything else. Bought mine Dec 03, paid about 20k more than a 6.0 at that time.
    If you are interested in the car, get me the last 5 of the vin, I have been collecting info these, may have some history, including previous damage.

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  8. Biscan, I'll save you the phone call... ;)

    Zan, last 5 are 12366.

  9. There is not much movement on the 1999 Roadsters{last year model}. The Millenium will definitely run you north of 200k and most owners won't consider selling even at 225K{of course miles is a big factor}.The 99 Roadster is the ultimate in outrageousness!
  10. I'll see what info I have when I get home tonight
  11. i knew the owner of #1/10 and know a fwe body pannels were repaired or replaced.
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  13. How does the value of the 99 Roadsters compare to the 99 Millenium roadsters? I know they should be similar performance wise, so I don't know if the price difference is justified unless I was a collector, which I am not.
  14. There's a lot of things different, like th 6.0L engine for one. :)

  15. Milleniums were numbered cars{10 made} They were painted a special color unique to that car{somewhere between a titanium and silver}. Two tone interior. They also had slightly lower gearing through the differential standard{optional on any 1999} for better accelleration. The engine is actually the same as all 1999's. The 6.0 did not come out until the 2001 model. You are paying quite a bit more to own the Millenium with very few differences. Refer to my site to see a beautiful 1999 roadster with 5k miles that a client of mine is selling.

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