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Met some G owner claiming his G weighs 3050 lbs...ha

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by TZL, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Last weekend I was riding my MV Agusta with some of my buddies when we pulled over at a vista point, there was a Gallardo owner sitting there in his yellow 6spd G.

    We admired each other's vehicles and he said he had a MV Agusta on order, he told some stories about all his cars and his "hardcore" driving experience, 4 wheel drifting his G, and how its the most reliable car he's driven.

    All went well until a pretty badass z06 drove by, and the G owner commented that the Z06 was a heavy POS. As a former z06 owner, and future G owner, i know at 3100 lbs, a Z06 is about ~400 lbs lighter than a I found that interesting that the seemingly knowledge lambo owner would say that.

    They he went on to say he lighted his gallardo about a 100 lbs, so now it weighs 3050 lbs according the the scales in "his shop"

    Anyways just a funny experience with what i consider a typical exotic car owner / poser. Now that G prices are down near $150, i look forward to picking up on soon !

    See you guys out there,
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  3. i think curb weight dry is in the 31xx range somewhere, i dont knw where he removed weight, but if he did so via the mufflers etc, its concievable that the car weighs in the 3200 range with fluids and no driver.
  4. Well the owner was claiming that was running weight, and he definately had mufflers.

    Maybe i'm just a magazine jockey but:

    Car and Driver: 3560 lbs
    Road and Track: 3560 lbs

    we even weighed my buddies 360 modena, despite a claimed ferrari dry weight was 2897 lbs for a 99 6mt, loaded weight was fluids was 3280 something lbs.

    Anyone have the actual weight on a street gallardo with fluids?
  5. i think 3560 might be full tank and driver, seems a little high vs what i've read
  6. According to the European handbook:

    Kerb weight (unladen weight) - 1430Kg

    Conversion rate to pounds is 2.20 pounds to 1Kg So i make that:

    Kerb weight (unladen weight) - 3146 pounds.
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