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Market pricing for '03 Murcielago

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bob_dallas, May 28, 2004.

  1. Looking for some estimates of market pricing for above with about 3500 miles. Selling/trading, not buying.

    TIA /Bob
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  3. Within the 220/230 area (+/-) 5K

    My guess
  4. I understand there is a 2002 Black on Black with 2800 miles in Toronto. They are asking around $300,000 Cdn which is approx. $220,000 US. The list on the car was $405,000 Cdn when it was new.
  5. Im with Ralph.Closer to 230 if color is right.
  6. Thanks guys - that's in the ballpark I thought as well (225k-230k). I was told by someone that wholesale was $235k so that should be a minimum but I thought that might be on the high side.
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  8. I think wholesale is around the 210-215 area.
  9. Hey Guys,
    Selling that car it is worth at least 245k. I think anyone with their head screwed on correctly will pay at leat 245 for it retail. Wholesale on the car is 225 to 230 if it is really clean. Watch out for these guys, they are tryin' to sneak up on you:)
  10. There are alot of factors that can figure into the price offered for a car.

    Are you a repeat customer (when dealing with a dealer)? Watch out from both ends; if you are obtaining something else in trade.

    The market is different from one area to the other.

    (For a dealer transaction)-
    Most important (probably) - Do they have someone who has stepped up to the plate and put a deposit on your car ? Before you worked out the deal with the dealership.

    Is the seller going to force someone to buy the car ? Can the seller wait for a good solid offer ?

    Are the colors and options popular ? Did someone special order weird combinations ? Did someone customize with 20 inch wheels and a 15K stereo ? Guess what !

    If you sell it privately, you just need to be able to wait for a serious buyer.
    A broker might help.
  11. No comment my friend.
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  13. Thanks all - some good data points to work from.

  14. The opinions are totally different from a salesman to a person who actually is paying their hard earned money for the car. I had a guy tell me that a 2003 Murcie with low miles is worth about $250k, the same dealer told me he would give me $220k for my car so he wants to make $30k on the deal...Beware of the dealers and salesman!!!

    The Lamborghini community is small and we all control the prices that we pay, I would rather see the prices be more realistic and fair. But the dealers are making a ton of money for little work and we are the ones letting them take advantage of our wallets. I think price gouging should not be tolerated but that is only my opinion:)
  15. I think you can expect them to make 10%. They are in business.
    More than that it is what the market will bear opinion.
  16. Dealerships usually take in only the better cars. They do not want to be selling cars that need to be fixed up first. The cars are usually in tip top shape to begin with. They are also representing that dealership. That is one reason that their cars may be worth more.

    And yes, just as you provide a service or make a product for a profit so do auto dealerships. 10 percent profit is not over doing it. It does also give them a little room for bartering.

    When new car dealerships are advertising cars at one dollar over invoice, do you believe this. How does that pay for that nice building, the property taxes, the electric bill, and everybody's salary?


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