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Manh Motorcars won't refund deposit for Gallardo--HELP!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 348SStb, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. I had put down a small ($1000) deposit at Manhattan Motorcars April 2003 for a Gallardo. Supposedly I was in the top 20. I was told all along that the car would be delivered in January 2004.

    In September 2003, I needed to give them $15,000 to secure the car, and I did.

    After January came along and there was no car, I was told it would be delivered in May (it hasn't been). I told them I was cancelling in February or March; I thought the whole thing became a risk and that the car would not be delivered; I asked for my deposit back and they said they "can't refund until the car is sold."

    They are operating with $16,000 of MY money! What can I do?

    PS Anyone want a Giallo Halys Gallardo (flat yellow), 6-speed, with most of the goodies? It should be in soon...
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  3. i thought behavior like that was only legal in florida (sorry guys - i can't miss an opportunity to dig on FL's idiotic auto dealer laws).

    seriously though, that's way illegal in MA - the attorney general will pull your license in a heartbeat. is that legal in NY?

  4. This is where a written agreement with all the cancellation/refund provisions clearly spelled out really comes in handy!

    You didn't just hand over 16K without a written agreement, did you?
  5. to draft up a letter saying that you want your money refunded immediately and if you do not get it you will sue them. Hopefully you have something in writing but if you don't you still might have a case but it will be much more complicated. If you get your money back and do some Gallardo searching you will probably be able to find one for MSRP or close to it.

  6. Agreed, a little note on a lawyer's letterhead will do the trick.
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  8. Thanks for your input!

    The original contract was issued to me in April, 2003--at that time, the name "Gallardo" did not even exist! No information on the car was available.
    I gave them $1,000 at that time.

    I was out of state this past fall, so yes--I just sent them $15K in September. I actually saw the letter written by Lamborghini to the dealers--the letter said "no car goes into production without a $14K deposit from the dealer." So I am financing their business, which I find to be absurd. I am not going to sit around and wait for the stupid car to come at some unknown date and then wait for them to sell the damn thing. These Gallardos are sitting everywhere!

    So I guess I will go ahead and call my lawyer... any more thoughts?
  9. That's really too bad, once you have to call that lawyer, you'll be fighting two battles.
  10. Manhattan motorcars.Scumbag azzholes.Do you want any help?
  11. I was told that when a dealer orders a new Murcielago, it takes $25000 at that time so $14000 doesn't seem too bad. There is no way the dealer should keep your deposit. If they do, please repost and repost and repost. We need to support ethical dealers here!!
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  13. There have been many post about "Manhatten Motors". A lot of it was negative. Too bad you did not see that or you may have reconsidered duing business with them. Also a contract with absolute specifics about your "deposit" would have saved you from what you about to have to endure. Buying anything on emotion can cause one to set aside important considerations. Sorry for your trouble. Lets all remember to put Manhatten Motors on our "special" list!
  14. Just PMd you.

  15. Just a quick question, did your contract specify that your deposit was non-refundable after a certain period? We have a clause in our deposit form that states when we order your vehicle and take the supplementary deposit to order your exact color and options the car is yours. We do that soley for the reason that we do not want to be stuck with a car that has options or mainly colors that are less marketable. I don't know what is going on or why, just wanted to ask that question. Maybe since Giallo Hayls is not as popular a color they are a little worried, I don't know. I would just be a little bit more forgiving since the car is the car that you ordered in your color with your options. I will say this though, if it is not in a written contract that your deposit is non-refundable you should be able to recoup your money somewhat easily. I have done business with those guys quite a few times so if you need someone to call and make them aware of this post I could do that if you think it would help.
  16. Thanks to all.

    I am going to send a fax to get the ball rolling. I'll see where it goes from there...
  17. This is exactly what I would have you do if the problem was mine!!
  18. Contact your lawyer because what they are doing sounds pretty illegal. Once you have your lawyer send them a letter stating the facts they will usually get right on it and want to do everything to help you. If not then you take them to court. This worked with me and a Mercedes dealer over here. They were not doing the work they promised and soon as my lawyer sent over a letter everything was fixed within a week.
  19. Amazing - to order a car in September and not have it yet. From other posts, I thought cars were hanging around in US dealerships unsold all over the place. Surely an order with a deposit should result in a car within 2-3 months.
    BTW, I ordered a car in Jan and got it in Feb in Australia. Lucky to get one already on the ship in my preferred color (giallo halys) with options I needed (e-gear and alarm) and one I didn't want but have come to like (full electric seats).

    My advice for others planning to buy is to take a car from dealer stock or allocation if is near your preferred choice of color and options. It's not as though the option list is long anyway compared to a BMW or Benz. The options don't add to the driving experience after all. I've waited up to 6 months for an AMG in the past to get just what I wanted, but life is too short.
  20. Sent a stern but not confrontational fax, and I received a phone call indicating that my full deposit would be refunded.

    The owner seems to be a very nice and honest guy...

    Thanks to all!

    PS The Giallo Halys Gallardo (six speed manual) that I ordered will be arriving in TWO weeks! PM me if you want further details.
  21. "PS The Giallo Halys Gallardo (six speed manual) that I ordered will be arriving in TWO weeks! PM me if you want further details."

    If it will finally be here in 2 weeks, why not just buy it and enjoy it for awhile? I thought you were asking for a refund because the car didn't show up.
  22. btw, whats the list price? glad you got your money back...heck go in and offer them 10 k below msp!!! and when they throw you out on your rear end.. let us know and we will black ball the dealership here!! they will never sell another car!!! they will go into liquidatioin and we will pick up their cars for 30cents on the dollar!!!! never mess with f chat members!!! we will rule the exotic car world!!!! sorry, i had too much caffine this morning!!!
  23. My interest in the car expired long ago... I've cancelled the order, and so the car will be someone else's...
  25. Let us know if you decide to get another car.

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