Man, the Lambo area is dead today. | LamborghiniChat

Man, the Lambo area is dead today.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. Where is everyone and anyone? How about some pics? Anything? Ok, here is a pic of the scoops Im doing on my Murci. Anyone else?
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  3. Looks good... Are you gonna touch the wheels...? What about window tint...?
  4. The windows are already tinted. The wheels are already changed a bit.
  5. Hows acceleration compared to the viper and 6.0. ? You need to do a twin turbo setup on the Murci. :) Yah i noticed the lambo section to be dead as well kind of sad. :(
  6. There all in the shop with clutch and e-gear problems :)
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  8. Blacker windows...! More black on the wheels...!

    Um, i mean, hey, that looks good... :)
  9. hey.. lambo over ferrari anyday buddy... lol.. although either would be nice.. :)
  10. There's one in every crowd. Of course you know that the egear issue on the Gallardo has been fixed a while ago, and other than people who dont know how to drive a 6spd, I dont know of any clutch problems on the Gallardo. Havent heard of ANY problems on a Murci. Anytime a new model is introduced by any manufacturer, there are issues that have to be addressed. The Gallardo is no exception.

  11. Oh..come on AJ stop taking things so seriously...It was a joke man..a joke.... did you not see the little smile at the end?
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  13. Again AJ, I love the idea. Will you be using SV or Jota scoops on there? Or are they custom fabrication for looks?

    I'm gonna have to make a trip to Atlanta, break into your house and just admire your Lambos. Damn...shouldn't have said that. Now watch, someone's break into your house and I'll get blamed for it
  14. Yeah Tom. And if I made a post like that in the general F car section with a negative comment on an F car, they would call me a troll, looking to start trouble, smily face or not.
  15. lol, yeah Jimmy, your on the break-in list now. It is a special fabricated scoop, not as long as the SV scoops, because of the current engine cover configuration.

  16. Then I guess you have never seen my posts regarding the 360 and 612 huh? Or the 348/355 for that matter..heck even toss in the 308 for good measure

    Ooopss forgot about the 456GTA
  17. Your "jokes" Tom are always at the expense of Lamborghini, and specifically the Gallardo. They gold old months ago. When I see your avatar I automatically skip the post because I know it's just another snide remark against Lambo.
  18. after having done a great deal of research on the topic... the murci and the gallardo are bullet proof...and as far as the e gear... all the f1type tranny have been having problems... i read in motor trend that bmw has has had problems with their smg systems with some recalls being done....its just the nature of the beast....the 360 is the first ferrari not to be a total headache with maintaince and relialabitiy....i still think the two new lambos are better built than the 360 or 550...i cant say anything about the 612 yet
  19. I agree 100%..Ferrari is really slipping.
  20. When I see your Avatar, I think: "Banned User".
  21. AJ,

    are your sccops going to be Cosmetic, Jota style (right into the Intake Plenium), or SV style (going into a intake track then diverted into the filter-throttle body)??? just talking about something since nothing to talk about.......think I just hurt my head..............
  22. HAHA.SV style.
  23. Random Lambo stuff, The new Batman: Begins Movie has a Murci Roadster in it.......Bruce Wayne drives it in a scene to a Black tie Party with two Girls in the Car, there is a pic somewhere on the Net.........

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