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  1. Heritage Classics has a really rare very early LP 400 forsale. The price is good. The car has been heavily modified. I imagine it would be quite a bit of money to return the car to stock ?

    The body and interior are stock.
    The engine has been turbo'd etc..... What a shame !!!!!
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  3. The car sold at auction during the Monterey/Pebble Beach weekend for UNDER
    $40.000. It was used and abused and should be refused.
  4. Dang, what a shame. Returning it to stock config would be practically impossible i'd think, unless one could machine the unobtainable parts themselves??

    first item on the list, six (6) DCNL 40s :(

  5. If you would like it to be original you should find (6) 45 DCOE carbs.

    Yes, it would be quite a job to restore that one.

    Ralph (an LP400 owner)
  6. Under 40K ? That seems like a very good buy. The parts are not that hard to find. The engine could have been rebuilt. That is a RARE Countach.

    Are those carbs hard to find ?
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  8. Having seen this car IMO it would take 200K to restore it. It is a interesting artifact for a museum not a car.
  9. The one featured in the current Road & Track, currently on display at the Lambo museum, is also for sale. big bucks, though. Look the look of the early ones; much cleaner to my eyes than the bigger, more powerful cars that followed.
  10. The early cars - less power but also lighter. I feel these cars are going to go up in price. There are not that many to go around. I am talking about the LP400 (1975-1977) and LP400S series 1 lowbody (1978-1979).
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  12. The first few LP400's are unique.

    They have 1mm bodies and a lot of magnesium components. The shocks are the adjustable Koni's with the threaded bodies. The specs reference the height set up for the first 19 cars specifically, which would have had these shocks.
    I understand due to cost considerations they chose to use the standard shocks thereafter. I appears you could still order the adjustables if you wanted them, as there are later cars with them. They also went to thicker bodies and aluminum instead of mag on the other items.

    There was also an option on the muffler as they offered a Sport Exhaust.

    My car has the above early features and was the first one imported into North America. You can see it on the Concorso Italiano site.

    You are correct on the height also, they are very low with minimal headroom.

    Best regards,
  13. In Sportscar Market they stated that this was the 2nd production car. Great car to use as a coffee table! Buy it, sit on it for five years then sell/restore it when the market justifies the cost.


    Art S.
  14. 40k?? i would love one!!!!!!! screw "original" i make aircraft parts all day for service repairs, i would wager it would not cost a fortune to get it road worthy. i don't go to car shows, nor do i care what "purists" think. its both art and history and should be driven.
  15. Bah! They want 88.5 grand for it.
  16. You mean the one at Christies? If I remember correctly it was barely over 30k, when it sold I was thinking...... DAMN, I hadn't got my Vette I coulda bought a Lamborghini...... I would have had to be smoking crack to buy that particular car but it sure would have been cool, a big pimpin Lieutenantmobile :)

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