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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Alex_V, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Sorry that I dont have a picture, but has anyone seen the 2006 Lotus Espirit?
    Its on the new issue of my R&T, and when i looked i thought "o a supercharged Gallardo or something like that" then i looked closer and saw that was indeed a new lotus esprit. See if you can find a pic & tell me of you agree
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  3. I'll see if I can find the pic. Someone else also mentioned it looked like they took a Gallardo and photoShopped it to get the look of the new Esprit.
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  6. ^^Theres the one. I totally love the Esprit, and i loved the design of it, im also sad that they changed to a somewhat already used design.
  7. The Esprit is awesome. I would feinitely consider buying on eif I had the cash. It looks awesome in yellow, and those pics above are great. Is it true they have major reliability issues?

    I know im not really on topic with the thread, but I also wanted to know if Lotus is still manufacturing the engine for the esprit (I know they are using toyota for the Elise (Exige too?), that would make those little cars very reliable). THX
  8. Lotus says they will use the Elise platform for the New Esprit.

    The Esprit will be more of a luxury interior, and bigger engine, and higher price range.

    But I am guessing it will be a smaller car, not as small as the Elise but small and light compaired to todays Esprit.

    How much bigger can it be than the crampped Elise if both cars are using the same chassis/platform ?

  9. http://www.autocarmagazine.co.uk/news_article.asp?na_id=207749
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  11. The elise chassis is able to be lengthend at will, no problem. Currently the esprit has a lotus designed and built engine. But for the new Esprit there is talk of a bmw 4.9 litre with Lotus tuning and forced induction. Those pics are not comfirmed by Lotus at all yet, just artist renderings
  12. Roast and Track says Lotus will continue using Toyota engines.

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