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Looks like Boston got a new Lamborghini guy!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by BOSFan, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. I posted these a few days ago and wanted to put them here to see if anyone knows this guy. I did talk to him but was too busy talking about cars to talk about this site. I sent him an email and he hasn't responded yet. Just wanted to ask him a few things. Maybe he reads the Lamborghini section if hes a member.

    Figure maybe Lamborghini guys may know who he is. Second thread mentions the Lambos he has. Sweet cars. Kinda wish he had a Diablo though. Never seen one up close.



    He was the nicest guy ever. I sent out an email and he had told me to get in touch with him if I wanted a ride in the Lambos but I can't seem to be able to get a hold of him. Can't find his email address anymore, I think I trashed it by mistake when I cleaned out my email folder of all the junk mail that comes in. Also wanted to ask him if he bought the cars in MA. There's a thread in the New England section about a Lamborghini dealership in the Boston area.

    Brian Ferry
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  3. Could be Taek, aka Stick and Dice, who used to post on the old board. He is Asian, has a Boston connection, among others, and his dad has owned something like 40 Bentleys. I didn't read your posts carefully, but it could be him....
  4. If there are Lambos in Boston, they're not out much and keep to themselves.
    I'm on the road in Boston most of the day and in the last few years haven't seen any. I try to attend most of the regional auto shows, at them I'm the only Lambo there from Boston, usually the only Lambo there at all.
    That's a good thing if there is an award for best Lambo :)

  5. Whart I remember the address after reading your post, thanks!

    I hear you about the no Lambos on the streets. I've been in Boston my whole life and barely see any supercars let alone a Lambo!
  6. I've seen 2 countach's in boston and a black murcie in the herb chambers dealership. My dad has sworn to have seen a yellow murcie in boston. I've seen a yellow gallardo that the dentist owns.
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  8. Yellow Murcie was probably this guys then. How long ago did you see it? He has a yellow Gallardo too. Really nice pearly yellow. Awesome.
  9. I don't think its the same person but it could be. Im talking about the dentist who always parks his yellow gallardo on newbury street. Im pretty sure thats his only lambo, but I dunno.
  10. Oh no, he's not a dentist. I meant the Murcie. Its probably him. Young asian guy. I've seen the car only twice and it was around the common. One of his friends, the guy with the 575 maranello lives in one of those brownstones overlooking the common, across from the 4 seasons hotel. I think that's why I've seen it there because he drives his nice cars when he visits his friend. Both of his Lambos are yellow. Drove by today after a night of drinking and saw his friend's Lexus suv and the 575. Still with the door keyed. Wonder when he'll get that repainted.
  11. from what i remember (when taek-ho/stickanddice used to frequent the board), he was out in california.. where he had a Porsche 996Turbo.. but that was crashed.. he eventually bought a red 360spider for his wife. and yeah, to WHart's point, his dad had quite the collection of Bentleys as well as a Vanquish kept in Boston.

    wonder where he went - - his posts were usually pretty informative and interesting. but BOSfan, taek-ho is probably your guy.
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  13. Yes, that was him. I met him the day I posted the second post. We talked cars for a long time and he treated me and my friend to dinner. Very cool guy.

    He bought another turbo, which I saw the first time I saw him and his cars. He said the convertible Bentley was his wife's car. He also recently bought the Murcielago and Gallardo in matching yellow colors which I sat in and started the engines the other day. Awesome. He has some nice cars in asia too according to his friend from china who was there visiting.

    I never bothered to ask where he lived. I assumed he lived in Boston. He has cars here thats for sure. When I asked him what he did for a living he said word for word. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. When I asked him what car he would pick if he could have any car in the world he said. I'll never know until I've driven them all, until then I'll enjoy them one at a time. He did say it would most likely be an older car since new ones have no soul.
  14. Hello all. Lamborghini boston is true and is under construction as we speak. Cars will be arriving within a few weeks. A full service center will also be available with only the highest trained technicians. If anyone has questions please call 978-538-9900. Ask for Todd Currie.
  15. So this guy has a 575, a pearl yellow Gallardo and a yellow Murci. Any other cars? Where does he keep all these cars, in Boston, with the limited parking space? How is a dentist so successful to afford such toys (I know they can make good money, but didn't realize that much)? Any pics?
  16. Does anyone else find threads like this a little creepy?

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