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Looking to buy Diablo 6.0 VT

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jollygood, Oct 23, 2009.

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    wow u must be a super hero
    thank you
    can you give me more info re the se 30 rhd please.
    colour combination plz
    price etc etc
    i am in australia
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  3. wow that is great
  4. roy toy
    would that rhd se 30 be one of jamaroquai's cars?
    he had two.

    as there were apparently only 8 se 30's in rhd
    i think 2 are in New Zealand
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    Have you searched the UK at all, I gather you will have?

    Are you after a 6.0, SE30 or Jota or open to all?

    Budget more or less?
  6. i am open to all my friend
    price - u let me know and then we can talk
    i also have to find out how much it will be to get it complianced to meet australian road rules.
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  8. how much are they going for in the uk
    selling not the asking price please
  9. Talk to Roy. He's always got some badass Diablos for sale. :)
  10. +1....Roy and Kevin are great guys. They found me my 6.0 and it was a beauty!!

  11. diablo30se,
    Did you actually go and see the car in person? How was it?
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  13. Not true. He carries inventory and, I believe, sends each one to get checked out at what I will call the BEST Diablo mechanic in the country prior to him selling it. I have seen (in person) quite a few of Roy's cars that he is selling.

    My friend, before you use condescending terms in a public forum like "resident hero", you should probably make sure you are correct in your "accusations".
  14. Dear Lamborghinisti,

    ...and that great mechanic is....?

    Steve Gleaner of Driven Exotics in Gilroy CA. West Coast

    George Evans of Evans Automotive East Coast

    In Florida?

    ...none :(


    Freeze...Miami Vice !
  15. Hence the question mark my man.
  16. +1
    I have used Brian for a few transactions and he is very honest and professional. He does not imply that he owns the cars and has very reasonable rates to sell your car. He is a one man broker and has great connections all over the country. I agree many brokers can be shady but Brian is not one of them.
  17. Yep

    The best of the bunch


    out west

    and George Evans East

    cant do any better then them...have used them both with always great results..
  18. ????????

    Sorry, my crystal ball is in for repair today.
  19. Fair. All good.

  20. True and true.

    I was referring to Steve as I have heard of him referred to as the "best Diablo mechanic in the U.S." (he is too humble to say that himself) although George Evans has quite a reputation and I have heard nothing but the best about him and his shop. I am certain that a car that was touched by George would run "better than new from the factory" based on his reputation.

    I would agree in your assessment of the two. Perfect that they are geographically on each "side" of the country.

    I know you do a lot of your own work but where do you send your car when you have to?

  21. Dear Lamborghinisti,

    I have the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with Lambo Orlando....I really hate them. Nothing personal....just your typical dealer, good for warranty work and plugging in a computer but not that "fine hand touch" of a George Evans or Steve Gleaner.

    When it comes time for a clutch, I will ship the VT Roadster to Evans...unless I can find a great Lambo independent in FL.


    Freeze...MIami Vice !

  22. I understand from Steve that he worked many years for Al Burtoni. I just wonder if Burtoni/V12 Engineering are still in business? I see the website is still up.
  23. Steve left Al's almost 4 years ago. Started his own company www.drivenexotics.com also in Gilroy, CA. He worked on ALL my cars when at Al's and continue to do so now at his own shop. I have never been disappointed with his work...always always top notch.

    As far as Al's, I know he did sell of some of his remaining cars he had, I dont know if he is still in business or not.
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    Got this 6.0 in a few weeks ago, had some service done to it, new tires, painted calipers with the Lamborghini insigna on them, had the wing removed, (IMO looks much better on the black cars with out the wing), removed the after market exhaust tips, replaced with factory OEM..and some other odd's and ends...just snapped these pics real quick today..

    But for any BOARD MEMEBER $164K..DELIVERED!! in the lower 48 USA States.

    Image Unavailable, Please Login
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
  25. Gents,
    I have not bought myself a car yet. But I am still looking for one.
    As some of you might know the deal with the QV in NJ fell thru and my money was returned...
    Have been offered various 6.0's (and QV's) but either the mileage was high or the price was!
    What type of money are the 6.0's actually trading hands for?
    Seems to me that none of all the eBay cars ever sell for some reason!
  26. It's a pipe dream. There's no RAWS for Diablo's in Australia. Looked into it long ago.

    You can bring in early Countach's (over 30 years old) or Murcie's or Gallardo's as they have RAWS. Diablos are in no man's land right now.

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