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Looking for a 99Roadster or 6.0

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Rocket355, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Guys,
    I have a 355 spyder and have been considering a Lambo for quite some time and feel like I am closer to getting one. Can anyone give me any heads up on maintenance and other costly issues with the 99 Roadster or 6.0.
    Also, I am having a hard time finding a Roadster and the ones out there (5) are very pricey.
    Any help is appreciated
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  3. Great choice. It's a nice upgrade from what you have now.

    The Roadsters will always carry a premium as the '99 roadsters were really the last big batches made. The 6.0's are in high demand as well, and are very hard to find. I can't speak for the roadster pricing, but a good solid Diablo 6.0 will run you about $170k-$180k.

    Maintenance and repairs are about the same as you would expect on your 355. The '99 and '00 Lamborghinis are built solid as a rock.

    AJ (60_se) had a post here of the last 10 years of his Lamborghini ownerships and the breakdown of repairs and maintenance costs............ He'll probably see this post and chime in. :)

  4. Thanks for the reply.
    The 2 issues I consistently hear about are the front shocks leaking and the clutch.
    Any toughts on the VT vs. SV models?
    The 6.0 is a premium as you said and is that because of the Gallardo owners going back to the 6.0
  5. No clutch problems. Its folklore. They have exactly the same clutch as the 550. The front shocks can leak if the lift system is used alot. I personally dont use my lift system, so I have never had problems. As far as the reasons, the 6.0 was the latest and greatest Diablo made. The interior is lightyears ahead of whats in the Murci. The car is lightning quick, and it has the "badboy" Diablo looks, and people are realizing there aren't any more ever.
  6. I'm convinced that the clutch myth is from the guys who own the car and put on 2000 miles a year on it, and every time they drive it they launch it and beat the piss out of it, thus needing a new clutch. Those of us who know how to drive a standard and treat it right will have no issues.

    I for one learned stick on the Diablo, and never abuse the clutch. I don't anticipate replacing the clutch anytime soon.

    Front shocks do leak if you use the body lift button regularly. How to prevent the shocks from leaking? Don't use the body lift button. It's useless anyway, so no reason to bother. Even if they do leak, it'd take a year to run low on P/S fluid anyhow.

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  8. Hey AJ, I feel like I steal your thunder when I respond to a 6.0 question as you're the grand daddy of the 6.0 on this forum. Is this wrong? :)

  9. lol. No, I can use the help. 2 heads are better than one. Everyone appreciates your insight, particularly me!!

    If you look at our responses, we said the same thing in different ways.
  10. Another problem with the shocks is that people leave them up when parked. You have to leave it down when not in use. I found it very useful going over speed bumps etc. I didn’t bottom out once which is cool.

    I think the clutch problem is again because people don’t know how to drive stick properly.

    I have a roadster and it is very difficult to find a later year one at this point. I’ve seen 97 in the $150s and 99s up to $190

    6.0 is a performer as the AJ and Ben have mentioned. Its lighter, 6.0 instead of the 5.7 and a CF body amongst other things
  11. if you are patient for about a couple of months, i might entertain letting go of my 97.5 beautiful roadster as i either move up the food chains or pursue different love interest :)

    for now, i want to have her for a few more weeks....
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  13. Thanks for all the responses.
    The clutch issue is so dependent on the driver and if you know how to drive the car there shouldn't be an issue, so thanks for confirming my thoughts.
    As far as the shocks go, you guys have quelled my doubts on this one and the way to go is to not use the lift system if it's not necessary.

    So the last item now is finding either the 99 Roadster or 6.0. I want to stick to the 99 and 01 models. A 99 Diablo SV or VT coupe is also another choice.

    Any thoughts on this guy in Fla called Don L. Leasing. Any other recommendations is appreciated.

    Thanks again
  14. hehe, you are indeed new. Don L. Leasing? RUN! RUN FAST! RUN FAR AWAY! Don L. Leasing will sell you a total turd for an enormous amount of money. Most of the Lambos they advertise they don't even own, they'd go out and find one for you. How stupid is that? They'll get the car you want at the same price you could have gotten it for and then tack on $30k + interest for their horrid leasing program. Don L. Leasing is a way for the poor to """own""" a Lamborghini.

  15. Thanks for the info. I called down there and they didn't seem to have it together.
    What about Motorcars-Intl in Missouri ?
  16. ben is exactly right on about don leassing....questionable ethics and business practices.

    i bought and paid for a 00 360 a year or so ago from them...,sent a truck to pick it up only to find out they got someone else to pay a couple grands more for the car so they....SOLD it.

    they should be forced to close their shop.

  17. Motorcars International and Lambo Dallas= same ownership, and excellent people.
  18. MotorCars is a good company.
  19. Hey Rocket,

    You should consider my car, it's a titanium/grey 6.0. I bought it a little over 2 mos ago from Lambo of Atlanta.

    AJ took a look at it for me, it's perfect. I needed to make room for another vehicle. Check it out, it's the only private individually owned 6.0 available on dupontregistry.com, that means whoever buys it will have the opportunity to save some $$$.

    I swapped my 355 for the 6.0 and haven't regretted it since.

  20. Joe Rizza Ford in Chicago did the same to me on a 99 Viper and I had a friggen plane ticked and contract from those a holes. Couldn't believe a large dealership would do that to make an extra 2-3K. They did refund my ticket, but still shady.
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    Here is my 2 cents... only have great things to say about these cars. When they have been taken care of they are solid as a rock.I have driven some good and some bad. There is little room in between as well in my experince. I have only been a Lambo Dealer for about 3 years but I have been dealing with Ferraris a long time and the same applies here as with them.It all boils down to finding the right car with the right history.

    And since I am a dealer here is my one post of a car that I have.It's a 1999 roadster




    sorry if my post offends
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  22. Sport auto is a good company to buy from, they've been a good customer of mine for a while now as well. Motorcars is superb, lamborghini Atlanta is just as exceptional, and fox valley motorcars is high on my list too.
  23. Ben,

    you mean you actually used the diablo to learn how to drive a manual? Im curious but how difficult is it to manage the clutch on a 6.0?
  24. .....Countach cluthches are a bear to drive with...my wife refuses. Late Diablos are easier, but still a bit difficult. 6.0 is easy as say a 355 or 360. Very smooth and very prdictable. Murcielago and Gallardo clcutches are just as easy as a NSX or other well engineered sports car. The shifting in a Murcie is magical...smooth isn't even the word for it.

    Just my 2 cents

  25. Agree 100% on all of that, having owned all of the above, and having put lots of miles on most of them.
  26. Tezta - Yes, I learned stick on my Diablo 6.0. :) Knew how to ride a harley for the last 2 years, so it wasnt hard applying my left hand to my left foot for the clutch.

    I find it a pleasure to drive and learning on it was super simple.

  27. I wanna learn how to drive stick on a 6.0!!!!!!

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