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Looking for a '99 SV, again

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Been out of the loop for 6 months. Anyone see any '99 SV's for sale?

    ps Going to sell my '03 Viper SRT if anyone knows of any interested parties.

    Low miles, more power than anyone can handle.
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  3. I saw a red one at Nelson Auto Group late last week. Did have a hold sign on it though
  4. That car is a 98 not 99.
  5. Definately the right color!!
  6. Replacing the Viper with the SV ... or getting a new Coupe and adding the SV to the collection?

    Bill in Brooklyn
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  8. Bill,

    If I remember correctly, AJ mentioned his Viper is for sale.
  9. I must be getting predictable. The latter is my plan.
  10. Im looking far a 98 SV if anyone comes across one.

    There is a 99 with Burtoni. Yellow
  11. Thank you. I know of that one. Anything at Burtoni is 20k overpriced to start unfortunately.
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  13. Yeah like all of his stuff but Im sure you can bargin with him.
    What color are you looking for? Im looking for a 98 and I have my feelers everywhere. If I come across one I will let you know
  14. i know of a 99 sv yellow on tan with 6,100 miles. Pm me if you want more info.
  15. Fantastic choice, that new Coupe looks awesome. How about that new Z06 too ?=)

    Bill in Brooklyn
  16. Is that the car out of Louisiana? Formerly Utah?

  17. That guy and you have the same name.

  18. additionally there is a Black on Cream SV at International Motorcars. Don't recall if it is a 98 or 99.

  19. It was a 98 and it was sold 2 weeks after it came in
  20. A.J , they have a 99SV at Platnum Motors . Looks pretty good in the pics they have on there web site. www.platinummotors.com
  21. That one is was sold a long time ago. That should be the Nip/Tuck car
  22. Correct, that was the Nip/Tuck car. The new owner WILL sell at $165K. Talk to Grant at Platinum.
  23. 165k. That is Al Bertoni pricing territory.lol. For 165k you get a nice 6.0.

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