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Looking for 98/99SV

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. Hey guys. If anyone has seen any 98/99SV's for sale, let me know. I am aware of the yellow 99 on ebay, the Rosso Vic at Nelson,and the 98 at Nelson. The white from the Toy store is sold, and Brian just bought the dark silver 99 that was available. Fox Valley had 2 listed in Dupont, but they are not on their website. Anyone? Oh, and forget the Burtoni cars. Thanks. A.J.
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  3. AJ is your business experiance in the auto industry? (or is it just a side/hobby?)

    I know Martin is a broker for Ferrari, you seem to have so much experiance I just wondered if you are doing the same for Lambos?
  4. lol. No, just looking to get another car for myself. Never found a way to make any money in the car business. I'll stick to my sunglass stores. My experience is from owning Lambos since '82, and Vipers since '92' and Vettes since '68.
  5. Check the **************** forum in the general, there is a thread from a guy in the market for a murci that is active right now, he is selling his '99 sv for a murci.

    '01 Yellow Diablo 6.0
    Sarasota, FL
  6. Ben, that car got hit by a plane, and it's in a paint shop getting repainted. And I passed on that car when it was for sale last year.Its going to be an insurance deal now. But thanks.
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  8. A PLANE!?? holy sh*t!

  9. I didn't mention it because I was sure the seller would disclose it to you.

    The car didn't actually get hit by the plane, the plane hit a different car. The SV just got a fender dent from debris according to the owners post.

    Either way, thought the lead may help, if not no harm done. :)

    2001 Yellow Diablo 6.0
    Sarasota, FL
  10. No problem Ben. Im active on that site as well. I actually drove your 6.0 a couple of months ago at Lambo Dallas. Very nice car.
  11. Thanks for the thumbs up........... I learned to drive stick on it, believe that? :) Put over 600 miles on it in 2 weeks, the car is quite nice. What's your username on the lambo-talk forum? Might have run into you over there just not sure.

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  13. Same, 6.0 se. You have.
  14. Any detail on the plane accident??
  15. this is what is wrong with our country... greed!!!! some people already have several great l cars , and they want more... whereas some less fortunate souls dont have any !!!!! how can you sleep at night aj, when you know someone like me goes to bed everynight without a lambo in his garage?...repent for your sins!!! but seriously i will keep an eye out for you
  16. Cry baby...hold on...
  17. I am selling my 99 SV Rosso Vic
    4867 miles
    Roadster wheels
    Modified exhaust
    Absolutley stunning

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