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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by FastTalk, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. So.... After much deliberation I have decided to sell my LM American. If any of my F-chat car-addict assocites are interested please PM/email me.

    I do not want to put this in Ferrari Ads as I seem to get overwhelmed with people telling me that they are the heir to a fortune in africa and they want me to help them to make a million dollars :)

    Specs: 1990 LM American 4600KMs, Red/Tan All original, and in perfect condition. Located in LA area.

    To the right buyer I figure it is worth somewhere in the 90s. I am in no rush to sell so I am hopefull that I will be able to find a good home.



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  3. Man, Fasttalk, Scott Lil' Bull Leach can't make $90K yet, besides we're gonna use it to surf in South Texas...........your example is far too nice!

    Best of Luck, and if you see one from the Middle East conflict with a few bullet holes, maybe a .50 cal still mounted in the back, THAT'S the one we need! LOL!

    Yours is such a cherry example...very little market activity makes valuation hard, but the last one I saw in Europe was $70 - 75 Euro, ,so your in the ballpark........

    Get some For Sale signs in the window and make some parties in Monterrey! ;)
  4. Good luck with the sale - It looks mint!

    Any luck in selling the Hummer?
  5. Hummer is GONE :)

    Down to CL55, G500, Beck 550, LM002, T-Rex, 4 Motorcycles, and a helicopter :)

  6. Thank you, I will still keep my eyes open for a crappy one for you to party with :)

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  8. Dear Adam,
    I’m in line to inherit a million dollars from my South African father’s uncle’s best friend’s cousin’s donkey. I was wondering If you can teach me how to be a Mewionare?


    Seriously, Beautiful Bull! I have a friend that owned one and has expressed interest in finding another. (He regrets selling it. )
  9. how about a 1998 Chevy Tahoe as an even trade ? :)
  10. Veeeery nice LM!
    It even has a matching plate.

    Good luck on selling it Adam.
  11. I am sure I could find something in my garage that I would trade for your Tahoe......... I have a very nice lawnmower if you are interested :)

    Thanks, plate is included :)
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  13. Adam
    Whats up with the tower between the cockpit and the blade on those Robinson's (?)
  15. I'm in the market for a LM002. Currently have a Lambo 6.0 thought the SUV would be fun to have too.

    Email is ben@benevans.com
  16. This is such a nice example...he posted all the pics when he bought it on the old site, IIRC...

    Legend has Tina Turner as an previous owner, so you know the stereo rocks!
    Maybe even the vibrating seats, although I think she brought her own vibrations!

    LOL! Fastalk, Scott has found one surfing the 'net..totally dismantled for "restoration" in boxes....LOTS of boxes, $30K....I told him to keep looking, but that's the kind of deal he needs....poor little guy'll be indentured to JRV until after college!

    If he brings that 4 year scholarship home, I'll pop for one!.......

    A nice unsold 2002 Ducati ST4S grabbed my pants leg today, I barely got free...
  17. I am sure it is something to do with the aerodynamics or a 2 bladed rotor system.


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