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LM0002 sacraficed in Iraq

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by RacerX_GTO, Jan 12, 2005.

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  3. At least it's being used for something...
  4. I think that they should of used those HUMVEES rather then the LM002. That is crazy on how much it blew the wall up.
  5. Whatever they use I dont care, as long as the American soldiers come out alive.

  6. I take it that the wall didn't hold up to test specifications...

    (and neither did the LM002....)

    Either way - anything to make it safer for the guys/gals out there!
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  8. NOOOOO!!!

    Why didn't they use Pontiac Aztek ????
  9. Why didnt they use the Honda SUT!!!!!!!
  10. I think the purpose of even that rudimentary cement wall is to dissipate and direct the force of the blast as a safety measure....and in that regard it may have very well worked as designed when it crumbled......

    The LM002 though.....hey.....where is it anyways ? Usually on the German built cars there's a frame remaining afterwards......

    Thanks for posting....neat pics.....
  11. Darn....I've been looking for one for a surf wagon...

    I'd hate to track beach sand into Fasttalk's ex-Tina Turner one........

    A machine gun mount would come in handy in traffic, as well...........
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  13. Are you sure that wasn't a test of an aftermarket nitrous kit?
  14. Goin' out on a limb here, but you think the frame is missing since it's not a german built vehicle?

    Lamborghini = italian marque
  15. It will be back, check ebay. :)
  16. at least sadaam doesn't have it........the Marines should have forced him to watch them blow it up........imagine how many lives that car cost......not $$$$ but lives...........2, 3 Kurdish Villages.........sorry I had to vent
  17. Rob.....

    You could be right.......

    Maybe the VIN tag was blown into Dubai..........heh.
  18. Am I the only one feeling weird with freely vandalizing anything because it was Saddam's? They blasted his yacht ... could've been an official presidential yacht, ruined numerous cars (550, 512, LM002 ... etc) when they could have been lined up in some sort of museum ... Or just sell it!
    I just feel it would have been more clever than just blowing everything up.
  19. The frame is still around, around 5 miles away.

    Too bad would like to have had it as a parts car.

  20. You are the only one, or should be. It is not being vandalized, it is being used for legitamate purposes and that purpose is to save peoples lives, our peoples lives. And in my opinion that is far more important than any f'ing car.

    And in case you didn't notice that Lambo was in pretty rough shape. If we assume it was perfect in every way we could not see it was worth 40k US tops, if it was here. So that leaves the transportation costs. That ain't much money in the overall scheme of things. Would it be better if we grabbed some poor Iraqi civilians car? The only thing he owns.

    Our people have a job to do and it is clear you don't like it. They are trying to save lives, theirs and the Iraqi's. There will be lots of Saddam's stuff left when this is all over. Put that in a museum. Until then be quiet and let them do their job.
  21. Glad to see it was used for something.

    Too bad that it was blue though. :(
  22. Did I piss in your corn flakes?
    It's an interesting car, when there are hundreds of other actually average cars around. It's not like it was the only car left in Iraq.
    I just thought that some stuff could have served a better purpose than just being vandalized ... why do you have to make a big deal making it political? Way to act like a jerk. Thank you, and have a nice day.
  23. Now now guys, chill......

    As far as i see it, nobody would want it as it belonged to scum. In fact, i think if i had to have a piece of memorabilia from it, i'd rather have a blown up piece than a good piece, just because of its owner of course.
  24. sorry to go off subject about his car.....but anybody got pics of the other wierd sh*t that Saddam had.......I.E. there was a FOX TV camera man that tried to smuggled a gold plated AK-47 into the US he found in one of the palaces.....think they had a pic in USA TODAY.....he also kept an unexploded piece of ordanance from the first gulf war in one of the palaces that had been dropped from a US fighter had messages on it that our troops had enscribed...anybody heard of other weird stuff or have pics of it.
  25. I would have to agree...I would much rather have a charred piece of something of his than something working, I wouldn't feel right using anything that had belonged to him anyway.
  26. .....boxes of $100 bills.....lots of 'em! LOL!
  27. You can find a video of this 'experiment' and other informations about this LM002 on this Lamborghiniregistry page.

    Unfortunately, the men involved in this little experiment were unaware of the rarity of this vehicle at the time and it was not until they arrived home in the USA that they were able to do more research on exactly what they had.
  28. This is most stupid comment I ever read!!!

    What has the LM002 to do with the casualties of bloody Saddam, eh???? To test the explosives for anti-suizide attacks makes only sence if you take the cars this lunies are using.

    Ever heared that one of this madmen had blown himself in an LM002 into that what they call "Paradies" to screw virgins???


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