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Living with the Murci

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by smsmd, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. I am looking into a Murcielago and wondered if the owners could help me make a decision.

    When I got in the car, the seats seem firm, but comfortable. The Gallardo seats are said to be quite hard on the back after awhile. How is the comfort of the Murci on a trip from, say, San Francisco to Tahoe or Mt Shasta? My only comparison is my 360 or the Dinan M3-these are firm, but not uncomfortable to me at all.

    Also, I looked for luggage space, but could not find hardly any for a trip. In a sense, it is a 4wd GT, but the designers left little space for clothes or a fly rod! The 360 actually has a usable trunk, and I have made these trips in the car.

    Finally, I have seen 5K cars for about 200K, quite a discount from new. Seems like a sizable hit.

    In general, how has the car been and are you happy with it? Now that the Gallardo is here, would it change your mind?

    Thanks for everyone's help,

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  3. Personally, i would buy a used Murci over a new Gallardo.

    As for depreciation, the 02's are now several years old, and stickered for 278,000, so seeing them at 200-225 is not unusual depreciation for any exotic.
  4. So far not more than 1 1/2 hours at a shot but no complaints. I am taller than my red Murcielago owning neighbor and he can probably travel for hours but I think that after 2 or 3 hours I would feel a little cramped. I am 6'2 and very picky about space. It is not a comfort issue but rather one of space. I like to put my legs straight out and stretch. Actually in the passenger seat I am more able to stretch out and can probably go all day if need be. The lumbar support is good. The seat seems thin and hard when you look at them but in actuality perfectly comfortable. Maybe it just has the right shape.

    The trunk is quite large. I removed the deck between the upper and lower levels to make it one larger compartment. I am not sure why they put this hinged floor in there. Maybe it was done to prevent a whole person from getting into the trunk and closing the top, a kid proofing issue? Anyway you can see the 2 l Diet Sprite bottle in there.
  5. The 360 seat is a bit more comfortable than the murcie but i only noticed this being passenger after a 2 hour trip. Driving the car you dont really pay attention to it i notice. I am being VERY PICKY lol Its not like i was in pain lol...i just felt better in the 360 seat...i also am very small and i think the murcie seat was made for bigger guys the way the bottom is so wide...NBA players??
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  7. #6 Jay, Feb 10, 2004
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    NBA players would have a real hard time with the Murci. I'm 6'6" and could just squeeze in. You can see my knees are actually past the steering wheel.
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  8. Diet sprite in a full-fat, full cream, 100% organic Lamborghini?! You're pulling our legs, Monsieur!
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  10. I'm 6'6 and had not problems in the Murci...for the first 2 hours.

  11. During the Players Run, I had the chance to drive that car on the track in AZ.
    I'm 6'3 and even with a helmet on, I had no troubles to get my body in the car and play on the track. I'm not saying that you have a lots of room, for that go get an MB !
  12. i've only test-driven the murci. but my impression was that it was ok to be tall, but you better not be fat. the seat was very snug, (but others that i have been in with more miles, had seats that had been a bit widened with use, so this may not be an issue). i also didn't like the claustrophic feeling of the door close to one side of your body, and the transmission tunnel right next to you on the other - goes with the exotic territory many of you will say, but i don't have that feeling in my 512.

    all that aside, i thought the car was great.
    the shifter and clutch were surprisingly easy to operate, and much lighter than my car, as was the steering. so i can imagine it would be comfortable on a long trip.
  13. This has been great!

    I saw the divider in the trunk, but did not know what was underneath. It looks like the trunk space is a non-issue.

    I am 70 inches tall, 180#, so I think I will fit fine. The seats didn't feel too firm in the brief time I was in the car.

    The car I saw was the anniversary edition, so it only comes in one color, an aquamarine blue. The interior is black, but there are white central areas on the seats. I think I liked the two-tone interior better as per Dr Haas' car, really.

    I need another car like a hole in the head, but this is becoming very tempting...

    Thanks to everyone so far,

  14. Steve,

    None of us need more than a Toyota Camry. The only reason to by one is to help the economy out by putting money back into it. I am doing my part.

    Personally I really liked that 40th car. No, I will not trade!

  15. Well AllanLambo is right on this one.

    My close family friend got $210k from the dealer for his 03 Murcielago with 3,200 miles or so. That is probably a $100k loss including tax and all for 6+ months of ownership.

    But its good for those looking for second hand Lambos, if the dealer is buying it for $210k, they probably turn around and ask $225-230k for it, I wouldn't be surprised if a clean Murcielago will be found for under $200k with 10K + miles.

  16. I think the used market is sounding saner, if I can find what I want. 100K down out the showroom practically seems excessive, but I have not yet made up my mind on this yet.

    Thanks to everyone-I will post my what I elect to do, likely depends on what car I find.

    Good news is my wife says "you drive it, you decide," so I now have the formal OK to look (even though I have been for a month already!).

    Thanks again,

  17. Your wife said "you Pick?" You better go out there and get one now.


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