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Living with a used Lambo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Uberpower, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. Hi all-

    I have pretty much made up my mind that the Ferrari 355GTS is the car for me. It's sexy, it's fast and exotic looking and seems livable.

    HOWEVER, the baddest car in the world is a black on black Lamborghini Diablo. In my opinion, there is no disputing that.

    Now for an embarrassing story: I was considering the purchase of said Blk/Blk beast a few years ago. I rolled up in my Jag XJR and the guy took the '91 Diablo out of the showroom and opened the magic scissor door, I sat inside and just lost it, the visibility didn't seem right, the dash was HUGE, I turned it on and heard the engine roar. The dealer asked if I wanted to drive it... then told me that he'd back it out of the lot as it had no power steering...

    All of a sudden I felt something that I rarely feel... fear. I was afraid of the car! A V-12 with no power steering... certainly this would be the end of my life.

    So, like a major sissy- I declined the drive, much to the dealers suprise and chagrin, got in my supercharged jag WITH power steering and drove away with my tail between my legs.

    Now that I have had a few years to think about it... I wonder if I made the right decision. I read about the $10K clutches on Lambos, which is twice the still outrageous $5K for a Ferrari clutch. Just out of curiosity, does anyone have an early Diablo- if so, how is it to drive around town? Is it hard to drive with no power steering? How is the visibility while driving?

    If anyone has a Diablo around Houston, I'd love to take you to lunch just to have a look at the beast and a conversation about it's livability...


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  3. Nothing to be afraid of! The first time I drove a Countach, I stalled it 3 times in a row. Talk about embarrasing! A black over black Diablo would be very cool, but I am partial to a black over black 512TR!! Wooo weee!
  4. I sat in my first Diablo a couple weeks ago and I loved it, I wouldn't mind having one. As for power steering, I don't have it and I think Ferrari made a mistake when they added it to the F355. The LACK of power steering, IMO, is what gives you the TRUE race-inspired Ferrari feel.
  5. The thing that struck me the most about driving a diablo was the sense that there was a big engine right behind your back. No matter the revs, if you give it throttle it pulls like a train + you hear the engine itself.
    A 355 is a much less visceral experience (though I would prefer one over a diablo)
    Diablo's are supposed to be reasonably reliable...I'm sure, like on a ferrari, the things that give you trouble are the frills.
  6. If you think the Lambo is bad, why would you consider it at all ?
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  8. ''bad'' as in ''good''
  9. Why would one say bad when they mean good ? Sounds like a confused way of speaking to me .
  10. I had a 92 Diablo and found it no harder to drive than my 98. The car without powersteering is actually a joy to drive. Excellent feedback. Inmo, the steering in the 355 is HORRIBLE! Ferrari ruined it.

    As for clutches for 10K, thats way overpriced. You can get it done for much less. If you know how to drive, they last forever.

    If its a 355 you desire, dont drive Diablo. Youll never look at the 355 the same again. I can honestly say, ive never woken up in the morning, with the desire saying, "Lets go take the 355 for a cruise".

    If its a daily driver you need, one that youll be taking to the grocery store, leaving at the shopping malls, etc. The 355 is the better car. The Diablo gets too much attention. If its a toy you want, to go out and have great fun, go blast up your favorite road, and take to nice restaurants, the Diablo is the king.
  11. Oh, thought id add, my wife, who is 5ft tall, less than 100pds, would drive the 92 Diablo all around with no problem whatsoever.
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  13. Hey, maybe you got my ex wife... I used to say that she was 5ft nothing. :)
  14. I drove a diablo 6.0 last year and it was one of the most exhilarating cars that I have ever driven. In several ways, though, it encouraged to me to the 355.
  15. I agree on one point that the 355 would have been better off having Power Steering as an option. I had an NSX without PS and liked the feel better. Since Diablo prices have come down, try to buy a later SV that is superior to the earlier cars.
  16. Unlike a 355, you can't drive an early Diablo passively. It's not the kind of car you take for a casual drive. When you're behind the wheel of a 91 to 93 Diablo you won't be daydreaming about work or the movie you saw last night. It will demand your attention the entire time.

    It's a big car with heavy steering, a heavy clutch and a stiff shifting gearbox. This car will intimidate a lot of drivers because it challenges you mentally and physically. I'll equate it to a high spirited stallion that has a mind of its own. You have to show it who's boss and hang on for a helluva ride.

  17. I am looking for the perennial toy. That's why I am not sure about the 355. To be sure, both will be classic one day; but I feel that the 355 will age in a similar fashion to the 308 or 328 whereas the Diablo will age like a Countache.

    If your "little lady" could drive the beast, I guess that I made the wrong decision. I made the decision based on the only non-power steering car I have ever driven which was a vintage Ford Bronco... I thought it would be like that... wrestling with the steering wheel at slow speeds and busting my butt just to switch lanes at high speed...

    By the way, I see a Ferrari a day in Houston. Lambos come once every six months or so... definately elite.

  18. Dear Nick:

    I live in Houston and own THE Lamborghini Supercar legend. "Yes"
    the Countach. The one that is even more raw and unrefined compared
    to the Diablo. I can tell you that you can daydream and just
    go with the flow of traffic when you are on I-10 or 59 at 65 Mph.
    At speed it is no problem to hold the wheel with one finger; if you
    are bored.

    The car takes some effort at slow speeds. It is not a big problem.
    I love no power steering, windows, brakes, side mirrors, seat, and
    automatic. After the car is up to 35mph it is not difficult to drive.
    The biggest problem with the car is rearward visiblity. You learn
    in time where to place your eyes exactly over the rear deck. Any
    car is peculiar the first time you drive it. When I rent an econobox
    at the airport, it will feel strange the first few hours. When I first
    purchased my car it felt very strange. I was concerned that it may
    not work out as I expected. I do not feel that the car is too much
    anymore. I have grown to know the cars strengths and shortcomings.

    The car has no difficulty at all to shift. Does it shift like a BMW ?
    NO. The car has a stiff clutch. You have to realize that the car
    does require clutch repairs between 6K-9K. Any qualified mechanic
    will recommend that you take care of other "minor" potential problems
    while the motor and transmission have been pulled. That will drive
    the cost of the repair over 6k. I have heard of plenty of TR owners
    here who have complained about major service bills over 10K+.

    I am the second owner of my car. The car is still on the original
    clutch. How many belt jobs would the car have required between
    1988-2004; if the car did not have chains ? My clutch is still
    strong. You have to learn how to drive the car properly. You
    are going to pay $$ if you do burnouts and drop the clutch from
    time to time. There are other less expensive and more rewarding
    alternatives for mind bending acceleration ? LOL

    No you will not see a Lamborghini driving around Houston every other
    day. It is very seldom that you see any.

  19. I think youve gone a bit overboard. The clutch is not at all that stiff, and the gearbox is not at all stiff shifting. The Countach gearbox, thats stiff. The Diablo box is like butter. It is a very comfortable cruiser, that will have you daydreaming about banging the girl that just begged you for a ride.
  20. Ha ha! THAT is why I want one! :D

  21. True but will will see an orange 6.0 and a Monterrey blue VT around the woodlands area a heck of alot:)

    I also saw a red murcie by the Galleria saturday, we have alot of Lambos in Houston and sorrounding areas but most of the owners are reclusive...
  22. Nice.

  23. There is a black Diablo here in Sugar Land. Orange and Monterrey blue are beautiful colors on those cars- I'd love to see em, but I don't get up to the Woodlands that often.

    I see a black Murci around Allan Pkwy once in awhile...

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    If you buy a 355, will you look at it and wonder why you didn't buy the Diablo? ....Then you made the wrong choice, buy the car you always wanted, buy the one that gives you "that" feeling you dream about, the one that keeps you up at night just thinking about driving it. Don't just buy it to be "tha man". Buy it because it makes you feel good.....Do you really want to know what is bad with the early Diablo? ...The stereo....but who cares... Just turn up the volume on the V-12. Is this a dream? Should I have bought that 355? No way, my Yellow 91 Diablo is just resting in the garage. Waiting for me to to take it out to play.
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  25. I have driven many a supercar and the rawest car I have ever driven is a Countach. I drove a stunning QV and Anniversary and I have to say I was exhausted by the time I came to a stop. They require the most concentration on any car I have ever driven. The Diablo is a ***** cat in comparison, but its still requires a sensible approach. The clutch is stiff and gearbox is notchy, but you do get used to it. The first time I drove a TR I found it hard going (Ok I was 20!) but now I have one myself and love it. I drive this around London through serious traffic jams and also drove my friends Diablo no problem in London traffic...believe me we do traffic in style in London!

    What will I have next? Diablo GT(R) or F40.


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