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Learned my lesson!!Im back home.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jun 7, 2004.

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  1. Man alive,I tried posting on the general F car area that I was looking for an F-40.Had a good early response from some enthusiasts and F car owners.Then my post was moved to the Supercar site.I have never even gone to that area,and I wasnt looking for F-40 owners,but looking for leads from the general population.Well,then I posted as to Why my thread was moved?,and it got worse.Unreal.I try to help people here,and the first time I am looking for some help,I get stomped.I learned.I will stay in the safe haven of "OTHER",and find my F40 elsewhere.LAMBO'S ROCK!!!!(so do F40's)
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  3. I replied to you while your post was in general and my offer still stands to drive the F40 to you when you find it.
  4. LOL.I responded.Find me one and we'll negotiate.
  5. dude - the specific sections exist for specific discussion - to control the traffic. it's not arbitrary. it's not irrational.

    i understand you might not dig the setup and the rules, but hey, it's not our sandbox - it's rob's and he decides what the rules are. we're all free to leave if we want to.

    imo, the reason this is set up this way is so that people who don't care to discuss F40s in particular ever have to wade through those messages at all. i for one like this setup, since i never want to talk about the more vintage cars, nor most of the classics.

    i personally think i'ts silly to separate the supercars out from the time ranges the other cars are broken into, but, hey, i don't get to make the rules around here :).


  6. Get this man a bran muffin.
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  8. Rules should be applied in a consistent manner.I know the reasons for them.What I am telling you is that the viewer I was looking for was the enthusiast and owner that views that area.I have never viewed the Supercar site,and dont intend to start.My point again,is that it was a thread that was causing no problems where it was,and actually fits better there than 30% of the other threads that are there.I am venting my frustration over this,which I am entitled to do.Duh,I know its not my site,but sometimes arbitrary things arent right,and maybe there's a better mousetrap.Following blindly leads to stagnation over time,and I know Rob is open to new ideas and wants problems brought up when a member believes there is one.I am not trying to overthrow the government here,just making a point,in my way.
  9. Now thats funny!!
  10. u got two offers already, go reel one in!!!
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  12. What he said. I miss so much on this board now it's not even funny.
  13. Where?
  14. violent agreement.

    one of the things on rob's to do list is to make an option where you can say "show me all the new messages since i last checked" (like you can now) "but only from the groups i'm subscribed to".

    so if there are 20 sections and you only care about 7 of them, this function will spit back new messages only in the 7 sections you reall care about.

    hopefully that could help.

    it'd also be helpful if the "show me all the new messages since i last checked" could be ordered by section so you could, say, skip all the lamborghinichat messages ;).

    the important thing is to make suggestions to rob. he puts stuff on his list. he's got way more list than he has time, but if something ain't on his list - be it new features, policy questions/changes, etc. it definitely ain't likely to happen.

  15. on the thread, where ever they put it.

    a '91 for $300K, and a lead to FoD.

    '92s are supposed to be the best ones, IIRC?
  16. On the thread,wherever they put it!!Thats good.Let me go try and track it down.lol
  17. sorry to hear that aj..... you have been extremely helpful to me.... i will keep my eyes open for you,... f40 are very cool cars.......
  18. agreed, A.J. has a great collection of cars , and has been kind enough to share them. i got the distinct impression the thread was moved for reasons other than those quoted. there are 308 threads and this and that in there ( GFD), i like the variety! AJ , i hope you find the right car to add to your stable, thanks again for the PM conversations. michael
  19. Not this again!! Geez we already had this discussion "over there"!!!

    Let it go already..this is just a chat board!! Not the end of the world. Why don't you go and grab a copy of Dupont regisrty, FML, check ebay, check the news paper, check with exotic dealers etc.

    I'm sure you will be able to find somthing. Good luck in your search..I wish I was in your shoes to have such a "problem"
  20. AJ, have you tried Symbolic Motorcars in San Diego? They had a good looking one a couple of months ago when I was there.
  21. Hey Tom,do you think Im a 12 year old playing with a computer?I know all about Dupont,ebay,newspapers,exotic dealers.Save it for someone else.Duh,now why didnt I think of that??Ebay,wow!!Dupont,Tom ,your a friggin genius.Exotic dealers,holy exotic Batman,they might have cars!!!Why dont you consult someone Tom,but not me.Ive read your stuff.
  22. Of course.Any car that has been advertised,I have inquired about.Or I know the cars.
  23. Waiting for Pete.He will be here any minute to spread his words of wisdom.Dont let me down Pete,please.
  24. So sad...So sad indeed... I mean wow.....
  25. Chill out, man.
  26. Then dont make stupid comments.That would solve the problem.Dupont,ebay,newspaper?Really now.You get back what you dish out.Again,Ive read most of your stuff.
  27. I answer in kind to stupid comments.Not yours,but Mr. Bakowski's.

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