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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ryalex, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. My friend got ahead of the group and started getting rowdy in his GTR, and was pulled over by this county cop... he couldn't convince the cop that he was a part of a high-speed, police-escorted rally, until a line of about 100 Ferraris started streaming by!

    He just got a warning from the disgruntled officer, and a great photo-op. ;)
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  3. Well, he's probably he might never have seen a Diablo, let alone a Diablo race car driving on the street with racing slicks!
  4. So Ryan, when you gonna man up and pick up a 6.0?
  5. Good thing he did not get a ticket as his car is not legal in the US. He would have a hell of a time explaining his little outing to DOT and EPA. Do you have more picture of his car? I'd love to see a GTR on a US highway.
  6. Here are two more. I don't have any highway shots, cause he was way in front of me. And, in front of Roland's F40 LM and an Enzo, who were trying to catch him!
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  8. LOL! Talk about the pot calling the kettle seal grey... I'm working on it! ;) Trust me, you'll be one of the first to know, since I'll be buying yours after you step up to a Murci.
  9. The owner has some big cajones driving that race car around. Awesome! Thanks for the pictures.
  10. I think there's one for sale on ebay right now. Painted like the US flag.
  11. I think Mr. Troy has a thread on it here in Lambochat too, only his is an SVR whereas this was a SuperTrophy GTR (6.0 based).
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  13. You are correct Ryan. Both give me the giggles.
  14. Hey, I wouldn't mind having either of them! Although, as you can read in Roland's post in the Rocky Mountain forum, all the way up to 205 his F40 LM and the Enzo couldn't catch this GTR... if only Lambo would gut some Murci's for some barebones street cars. I guess it will be up to someone in the aftermarket to start converting Murci's into raw, CF interior and trimmed racing style cars.

  15. Especially if they could get them closer to the lower 100K price range for us dirt bags who have a price ceiling.
  16. WTF?!? If they are going to stop that Diablo they might as well ticket any Enzo owner as well!

    Those cops are nothing more than haters!

  17. With that thing on the road they probably didn't even notice the Enzo.
  18. No no, don't get excited... what happened was that the Diablo, F40 and Enzo went speeding off ahead of the pack and ahead of the police escort. So they arrived at the mansion several minutes before the rest of the convoy, and killing time the Lambo owner decided that some burnouts were in order.

    Well, the home we were visiting was in a different county than the one hosting the event, so their cops had no idea we'd be blazing through town with state troopers. So he just yipped a bit, and didn't even write a ticket that the Lambo had no plates or registration papers with it. Nobody got a ticket there.
  19. This sentance reeks of foreshadowing.

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