Lambo's take part in fantastic little supercar race!!! | LamborghiniChat

Lambo's take part in fantastic little supercar race!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by mattymouse33, Mar 9, 2005.

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  2. Well is it a repost or not?
  3. Yep, an old vid. Been around a few times. Would be interesting to see F1 Stradale and F1 575M vs. E-gear Murci and E-gear Gallardo. That would be a race!
  4. yeah repost, but always good to see.

    btw, what sort of search did you do? some vulcan fchat mind-meld or something? there's actually a bit at the top where you can use keywords. :D
  5. Man, that would be my luck, first thread as well. Anyway, for the search i just put in the link which was probably not the thing to do.

    Pretty goog vid none the less, I imagine there would be a few that hadnt seen it..

    Lesson learned,

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  7. Dont sweat it ! The vid is great and even if its a repost , its still a nice post !
  8. Damn! What happned to the Ferrari?
  9. nsx bashers need to see this
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  12. Good job!!!
  13. Don't thank me, thank Nick for giving me the chance to take that picture!
  14. If you have any interest in the Gallardo, or just a fascination for good testing like this video, you should get the whole thing. BMI (Best Motoring International) does a great job at reviews of the cars. Their head-to-head might not be as entertaining as Top Gear, but it is more than just a one lap around with the Stig behind the wheel.

    This particular video is a clip from this one:

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