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Lamborghini's RULE!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by allanlambo, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. First thread to start Ferrarichat War 3!!!!!!!!

    You beat me to being the first thread posted!!!!
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  3. I always did like the Muria. If I can afford it, I will definately get one someday.

  4. Agreed, the Miura is GORGEOUS! It has to be the lowest car I have ever seen too (as far as height of the roof). That thing probably doesnt even go up to my waistline.
  5. Trying to get the pictures to appear's a Diablo I've always liked:
  6. well that sure as hell didn't work - worth clicking on though.
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  8. ok so linking to a hosted picture works with [​IMG] but how about pictures that are on personal hard drives?

  9. Joe you have good tastes. Why mess around with the cheap entry
    level Diabolo ? Go straight for the GT.
  10. They need to put more distance between the Murcielago
    and Gallardo. I hope they release soon a special lightweight
    Murcielago 2WD. It is only a matter of time. I hope they
    get on with it.
  11. Good point Ralph - I think it will happen.

    As for the GT, it just looks vicious. I figure that since the checkbook is already out, might as well go for the gusto :)
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  13. Ralph,
    Who needs a 2 wheel dr Murci when you have the ultimate car already
  14. Where is it? All I see is a Countach.
  15. the 350 was a beautiful car
  16. Allen;

    I beet you fair and square to post the first pic of a Lambo, Even though i dont care for them.. :D

    Rob Guess "The Other Rob"
  17. "All I see is a Countach."

    ALL I see is a Countach. WTF! I will half to simer down before I can post a real reply to that post. LOL
  18. Hi there Dan !!!

  19. Hi all,

    I just wanted to make my 1st post on the new F-Chat and test the pix function. This is my Jalpa 2 the last Concours with swapped out wheels for effect.

    I do have a question ... with Rob's Lambochat board why do I (& other's) still prefer to post here? Hmmm, Maybe because I have been here since March 2001? & I still like to read the F-Car stuff even though I do not have my old 348 any longer.

  20. Oh I almost forgot ?

    Joe since your checkbook is open ~

    I will sell you my Diabolo GT. I will send
    it to you from Lagos, Nigeria.

    I will e-mail you information on where to
    mail your check.

    You can have the car for an incredible price
    of 192K. I have reduced the price to all
    F Chatters.
  21. Ralph - what a strange coincidence! I am currently involved in another business transaction with some parties in Nigeria!

    I can't tell you who though, it's very hush hush/mum's the word/say no more etc.

    Ok, I'll give you a clue - Nigerian Royalty is involved.

    I'm so excited, as I'm going to be rich rich rich!

    I'll get back to you on your Diablo GT - thanks for the discount;)
  22. Joe that is funny. I might be on the same deal !!

    We might end up with the same deal !! These

    Nigerians are so nice. They all want to give money

    away to strangers.
  23. I am a Ferrari guy,but still like Lambo's. Anyway, I JUST drove by Fox Valley Motors/A.K.A. Lamborghini Chicago in West Chicago,IL. and they have an all Black and a Yellow Gallardo sitting right out in front of the place with their usual fine assortment of other Exotic Car Candy... And,these Gallardos look fantastic in person,gotta admit it!
  24. Im thinking the Murcie now is a tough sell with the Gallardo being all that for less dough.
  25. I disagree. The Murcie is much more car than the Gallardo.
  26. The Murcielago has a lot more to offer. The Gallardo "is" the better value.

    If you want more value take the GT-3 "or" even better the Z-06.

    Hopefully they will put more distance between the Murcielago and Gallardo.

    The interior of the Gallardo is much less quality than the Murcielago.
  27. I guess i see these two models more similiar than say the Countach an Jalpa.
    Supercar performance of the Gallardo is hard to beat. Curious how many will pony up another 100k+ for the Murcie?
  28. I think what will happen is that many will choose to buy a used Murcielago over a new Gallardo. This is what i will do.

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