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Lamborghini R-GT Murcielago

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tfazio, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. Here is a link to a short article on the Lamborghini R-GT Murcielago. It looks like Lamborghini is aiming at the Enzo with the R-GT. Now we just need to see if it goes into production.

    Click on picture of the R-GT on the link to read more about it.
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  3. There has been talk about it for quite a while...but at the moment the Roadster is top priority for Lamborghini. More on the R-GT can be found here as well as a few large photos...


  4. Who is that guy ? He must be schumacher for thinking the Enzo is a boring drive.
  5. I thought that was finteresting too. How could an Enzo ever be boring?
  6. I need a 3rd photo :(
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  8. Nice to see a Big Assss John Holmes wing on a Lambo again, They got all wimpy after the Countach

    I thought that was a race car, that would kick Assss on the road
  9. It is coming!!!!!!!!!! Count on it. Very consistent with the Lambo 5 year plan announced earlier this year.
  10. come on guys he's just being sarcastic...
    you can tell especially when he saids taking a turn at 120mph is boring... :)
  11. That would be awesome. 2wd and a lightweight Murcielago ! - Now all they have to do; is to junk the power steering.
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  13. Where/who has the waiting list?? Sign me up!!

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