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Lamborghini poll

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Ferruccio, Nov 2, 2003.


Which lamborghini do you like the best?

  1. Gallardo

  2. Murci

  3. Diablo

  4. Countach

  5. Jalpa

  6. Miura

  7. Jarama

  8. 350 GT

  9. Espada

  10. Other (not enough room)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Lamborghini poll which lamborghini do you like the best?
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  3. Miura S for sure. If anyone picks the Espada....I will go nuts.
  4. Dan you make this so easy.
  5. Is there anything other than a Muira SV?

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  7. Hmmm hard one. Diablo, Countach and Murcielago are all #1 for me.
  8. Miura SV-J.

    Back in the real world. 350 GT, but my opinion might change after driving one. I've driven the Miura, so the only thing that will deter me from preferring a 350 GT would be a disappointing drive.

  9. Murci because it's new age, like me! :D
  10. I've always loved the timeless design of the Miura and the early Countach. I never cared much for the Diablo - that is til I got to spend 400 miles in a 2001 VT 6.0 - now its one of my all-time favs! Murcie and Gallardo wld be lowest on my list.
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  12. Off you go, then:D

    I can't see why, mind. What an absolute belter of a machine. Crazy, in your face, don't give a sh*t looks, that V12, four seats, rare as hen's teeth...For me this car epitomises the marque - an ill-bred, iconoclastic upstart with style coming out of its ears.

    Anyway, who wants a miura? You wannabe Nick Cage? The original Boxer's a far classier machine, more practical, and better looking to my (definitely biased) eyes!
  13. Miura without a doubt! It is all downhill from there.

  14. Youre right Ernesto! Just like Ferrari, all downhill from the F40/512/355! :D
  15. i just hope the countach continues to do good its what made lamborghini legendary
  16. Dan all the cars are very nice.

    You really cannot go wrong ~
    From a Muira to a Murcielago.
  17. Split-sump Miura SV
  18. Interesting poll... the current lineup altogether can't match the Muira... in fact, the Muira has almost twice the votes of the current lineup.

    I think its time Lamborghini went retro!!
  19. No way!!!
  20. retro no way, but they need to go back to making the inovative, raw, handbuilt cars of the past.
  21. The vote is clearly for what follows the Miura. What an awesome machine.
  22. Intresting Thought the Coutnach whould do better. :( I guess I have diffrent taste the most people.
  23. Dan is there a way to corrupt the system and vote twice ?
  24. Hmm..

    I have 2 Lamborghini's that I like a lot. Countach 25 th anniversary and the Diablo VT 6.0.
    Either one...
  25. This is a tough poll. In my mind the Countach is the quintessential Lamborghini but the Miura is just so gorgeous! :)
  26. Even though I have owned an early LP400 Countach for many years I would have to say a Muira SV.

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