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Lamborghini Jarama

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Davidindallas, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Someone remind me that I don't want one. It's ugly. It's made out of unobtainium and would be impossible to repair. But, it's got a beast of a v 12, kinda like an espada. Ugly but fast if and when it works. Any thoughts?
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  3. They are kind of cool cars. I looked @ them before I purchased my Ferrari. The only issue is my mechanic threanted to break my arms if I purchased one.

    Old Lambos are simply a nightmare to get parts and work on. It's likely that you pull two "exact" cars side by side and many of the parts will not interchange because they were custom machined when they were put in.

    You can easily find Ferrari & Maserti parts they will come in a nice Red or Blue package. Yes they might not be dirt cheap, but generally not bad. Many of the old Maserati parts are easily sourced from other cars ie: Mercedes 450 rear end etc. Ferrari parts are available widely even for vintage cars and will come in a nice pretty red box.

    Lambo part will come in an old beat bag etc. So many dealers went broke not to mention the factory, that parts come nasty dusty etc. for the most part.

    I have heard that there is a nice Urraco somewhere in the Austin area for low 20s. Again good bang for the buck.


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